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Tray And Sleeve Packaging



Tray And Sleeve Packaging

Tray and sleeve boxes slide out an amazing unboxing. These are also known as drawer or slider boxes. We offer these boxes with all the essential elements so that you do not have to go anywhere else for material, detailing, and printing. Slider sleeve boxes are used for a wide range of lightweight products.

We manufacture these boxes by using cardboard or kraft paper sheets. We also offer rigid boxes for luxurious products. However, the sleeve that works as a lid and slides in and out is usually made of kraft paper. We offer these packaging sleeves along with boxes at suitable prices.

Cost-effective packaging

We offer kraft packaging at a very reasonable price. The thin paper sheets are used for the manufacturing of boxes that are lightweight and can be protectively encased within such boxes. We use inexpensive packaging material for the manufacturing of these boxes however we never compromise on the quality.

You need a suitable cost to get these boxes along with all the customizations based on your interest and budget. If you have a flexible budget, we also have high-end sleeve packaging i.e rigid boxes. These boxes are worth investing in as they seamlessly increase your product value and give an everlasting experience to the consumers.

Flexible stock size

If you have just started your business and you want to get small volumes of tray and sleeve boxes, we have got your back. We offer packaging with no minimum and you can get units starting from 300. With that, we offer big stocks if you have a large size business or you are running a firm.

We offer wholesale packaging at special discounts so that you would not have to spend a lot of money on packaging solely. We deliver these packaging stocks at your place with free shipping. As kraft paper sleeves and boxes are manufactured in flat form, we stack up all the stock together and deliver it safely.

Highly customizable

Product boxes speak highly of your brand therefore you must have a certain outlook for your product presentation. From manufacturing to finishing, we offer our customers flexible custom features so that they can get convenience at every step.

Extra features

We go overboard in making your product presentation simply extraordinary. We offer different add-ons that can make your product even more worthy. We offer embossing and debossing for haptic and pressed printing touch, respectively. We also offer silver and gold foiling to imprint your brand name and logo design and make them more vibrant.

Besides, we offer different varnishes and laminations such as aqueous coating, metallic coating, spot UV, and glossy or matte coatings. We also offer silk ribbons or bows that can help the customer easily slide in and out of the box. By using such features, you can improve the presentation of your product. In this way, we make both ends meet in manufacturing incredible custom printed cardboard boxes for you.

Green solution

We are a responsible packaging supplier and contribute to the maintenance of environmental well-being. Therefore, we offer you ecological packaging as we use kraft and paperboard materials for the manufacturing of these boxes. Natural fibers are used in the manufacturing of these materials and so these boxes are highly recyclable. Their manufacturing and recycling bring no harm to the environment. Even on disposal, these boxes release no harmful substances as they are highly biodegradable.

Hire us now!

We offer you the best sleeve packaging along with all the customizations. You can get different size packaging at We Custom Boxes. We also offer high-resolution printing and create unique graphics. So, get a quote right away.

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