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Sleeve Packaging



Sleeve Packaging

Different packaging designs are used to attract the audience. Sleeve boxes are a modern and influential packaging design that can help you gain the limelight. WeCustomBoxes offer you the best sleeve containers with which you can win the competition. Sleeve boxes can be used for a range of product packaging.

In this way, it is greatly used by different product suppliers. For instance, these boxes can be used for perfume packaging, candle packaging, vape cartridge packaging, food packaging, etc. We manufacture these boxes as per your demand by taking into consideration different custom features.

Benefits of sleeve boxes


A sleeve box works as a slider and is a user-friendly design. We manufacture these boxes by using cardboard and paperboard materials. Our experts take care of the dimensions and measurements so that accuracy can be attained. We offer different inserts to make the packaging more user-friendly. For instance, foaming inserts help to keep the product in its place.

Ideal for different products

When it comes to ideal packaging, the design plays an insignificant role. The sleeve design is of great importance in this regard. We offer these boxes for a range of products such as:

We manufacture custom printed sleeve packaging by taking into account the peculiarity of a certain product. Not only the design but we also take care of the visual representations and make your product highly interactive.


The slider sleeve design is a trendy packaging design, however, it is highly inexpensive. This is because we manufacture these boxes with cost-effective materials in which cardboard and kraft are on top. For the printing of these boxes, only the slider lid of the box is printed. In this way, you only need to print the upper surface of the box lid which is mostly made of light kraft paper. We offer cost-effective printing in this regard. 

Strong and durable

We manufacture sleeve containers by using top-notch stocks such as cardboard, kraft, chipboard, and corrugated cardboard materials. These materials are strong and therefore keep the product safe from any damage. We safely deliver these boxes at your place as these boxes are manufactured in flat form and therefore can be compiled easily.

Besides, we ensure to make these boxes highly durable for your precious product so that the consumer can safely keep the item for a considerable period.

Easy to customize

We offer various material options that are highly customizable so that you can get your dreamy custom product boxes. Whatever size of sleeve box you need, we are here for your service. We never compromise on any minor details and make your product highly presentable. We offer different printing techniques so that you can better interact with your product packaging. Besides, we offer various add-ons, varnishes, and inserts so that you can have a winning packaging solution.

What do we offer?

Wholesale packaging

We offer large volume boxes so that you can have packaging solutions 24/7 available in your warehouse. We provide these boxes at considerable discounts due to which you can save a lot of money. We offer all the custom features in wholesale packaging. At WeCustomBoxes, you can also get custom boxes with no minimum. 

Different size boxes

We do not restrict our customers to single or two sizes. Rather, we offer flexible size boxes considering the size of your product. With the right size packaging, you can influence the target audience as they would label you as a professional and authentic brand. In this way, we help you to win the trust of your potential customers.

High-resolution printing

We offer different printing techniques such as litho-printing, flexo-printing, screen printing, and digital printing to get the printing job done. All these methods are different from one another based on their cost and method and all bring different results. You can choose whatever method suits you best for custom printed sleeve packaging.

Hire us now!

We are the professional packaging company you can trust for getting a unique packaging solution. We offer reasonably as well as high-end sleeve containers. We provide faster turnarounds and safe shipment. So, contact our support team and get a quote now.

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