Rigid Boxes


Rigid boxes are excellent packaging for various types of products. These boxes have a fantastic display and a sturdy structure. That is why they are the usual packaging for smartphones, notepads, jewelry, and many other products. We offer many custom designs and making options for your custom-made rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are an attractive packaging solution. They are used to showcase and promote your high-value luxurious products. The thing which makes them different from other options is the selection of material. Rigid boxes are designed from solid boards often covered with other thin materials like paper or some fabric. Custom rigid boxes often give an incredible feeling of quality and appeal. They are very sturdy, easy to carry, and provide a stylish flair. You can use them well for the marketing of products. Custom packaging delivers your branding message more effectively to the target audience. Due to all these features, the rigid box is becoming the preferred choice of businesses worldwide.

Custom Rigid Boxes 

Custom luxury boxes that are thicker and sturdy than usual packaging boxes are known as Custom rigid boxes. These boxes consist of wrapping paper on a gray panel (heavy chipboard). These luxury packaging boxes are named rigid boxes due to their sturdy structure. Our custom Boxes Packaging offers a variety of styles in custom rigid packaging as below:

  • 2 Piece Rigid Box

  • Luxury Rigid Boxes

  • Rigid Candle Boxes

  • Rigid Gift Boxes

  • Small Rigid boxes

Material For Manufacturing of Rigid Boxes

As referred to by the name, rigid boxes are made of heavy chipboard by which these custom packaging boxes accommodate more weight than the typical cardboard boxes. We propose customized packaging solutions so you can reach us to take professional guidance for your prerequisites according to your product measurements and weight. Our rigid box manufacturers can create custom rigid boxes holding the weight per our customer's necessities. Our starting weight-bearing capacity is approximately 3-5 lbs. However, we can customize it according to the requirements.

Custom Rigid Boxes Manufacturers

The best benefit of Luxury rigid boxes is that they are easily customizable. You can publish everything from logos to brand names to shapes of your brand image. These Luxury rigid boxes can adapt to every facet of the printing industry. Here are some key points and benefits of Luxury rigid boxes:

  • Color printing available

  • Embossing, stamping, etc.

  • Magnetic closure rigid boxes

  • Available in all shapes and styles, you can imagine

  • Customizable top-class finish.

  • Decorated with accessories like ribbons etc.

They are an excellent solution for presenting high-quality products and for giving a neat appearance to a package.

Brands can use our Luxury rigid boxes to display and pack jewelry, perfumes, watches, clothing, chocolates, gifts, and other luxury goods.

Get Rigid Boxes Wholesale

It's a general misconception that custom packaging companies charge a lot of money. However, it is not the case. In reality, several box providers offer affordable services even if you use a custom packaging solution. We Custom Boxes has established its name among the list of some of the most affordable and well-reputed packaging suppliers having years of experience.

We provide you with exciting deals. Getting your best custom rigid boxes wholesale during the promotional period leads to further price cuts. As a result, you may lower your expenses and generate better revenue. Even if you want to customize wholesale rigid gift boxes for the occasion like a wedding, birthday, bridal shower, New Year, Easter or Christmas, etc., you need not worry anymore about the cost. Please plan and order custom rigid boxes wholesale in bulk. Our professionals will put their untiring efforts into delivering perfect packaging with unique customization right in your way.

Premium-Quality Printed Rigid Boxes For Business Development

A premium-quality packaging helps create a relationship of trust between the customers and your business. Especially if it is designed from a highly durable, rigid material, it may ensure the safe delivery of your products to their destination without any damage. Above all, these rigid boxes are one of the most captivating packaging you will find across the retail sector. They are ideal for increasing your brand's worth and making you earn a good return. Delivering your products in luxurious rigid packaging adds a classy appeal that is hard to ignore. Moreover, it increases customer satisfaction and makes them share the experience in their circle. As a result, your brand gets more exposure and starts gaining larger sales.

Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Well, rigid setup boxes will significantly modify retail sectors and change customers' perceptions about vendors. Thus, we devise your retail business by supplying eco-friendly packaging ideas and improving your current market position. As such, we maintain Kraft and cardboard materials in printed rigid boxes that work to forge profits and a positive impression of the products. As we all know, customers now prefer to pick rigid boxes with a positive inflow into the environment. Hence, by considering environmental safety, we will craft eco-friendly boxes, which retailers may have great assets. This way, the vendors can also gain a better position and resilience in the competitive market. However, you can get our eco-friendly packaging ideas and protect the environment against waste materials.

Where Do You Get the Best Rigid Boxes Wholesale?

We offer the best rigid boxes. Well, seeing an answer to this query has never been easy. Bring class to your custom-printed rigid boxes with us. Related questions about our products or how to order, we can help you at every step. Just give us a call at 1 281-786-4001, or you can also contact us by sending an email at [email protected].

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