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The product packaging has been present for as long as you can remember, but it hasn’t always been this popular. The packaging industry has been present for decades, and there are uncountable packaging companies that you can contact to manufacture product boxes for you that can build a reputation of your brand in the market, but what makes us the special one? There are plenty of reasons why you should choose WeCustomBoxes over other companies in the market for your product boxes, and given below are some of the reasons why WeCustomBoxes is the best you can get.

Freedom To Customize

The main reason for the rise in importance of boxes for product packaging is because of the freedom the business owner gets in the customization part. It hasn’t been a long time since custom product packaging became a crucial part of the success of the businesses, and a decade or two ago, custom product packaging boxes were only considered a mere product carrier and not a marketing tool.

This is what makes WeCustomBoxes even more suitable for you because we have been present in the market long before product boxes wholesale became a serious thing, and we have seen all the phases in this industry, and we know what works and what doesn’t. By opting for WeCustomBoxes, you are the one that will get into the driving seat and will make all the decisions about what goes into the product packaging boxes. You will decide the color, design, material, fonts, etc. On top of being in control of the customization, our experts will always be there to better guide you about different tactics and trends in the market that will make your packaging more effective.

Wide Range Of Box Designs

The primary reason for product or display boxes usage is to keep the product safe from any damage and deliver the product safe and sound to your customers. The second main reason which is not far behind the first one is to make your product stand out in the market, and the small product packaging boxes are your only way to make that happen, so it is vital to make it count. 

At WeCustomBoxes, you will see no restrictions on the box design and there is no limit to your creativity. Yes, the details and printing on the custom product boxes are way too important to ignore, but the box design is the thing that will attract the customers through its uniqueness. After that, they will pay attention to the details and printing used on the retail boxes

At WeCustomBoxes, you are allowed to choose from our wide range of box designs like sleeve boxes, display boxes, window boxes, pillow boxes, and, gable boxes, etc. We are also open to listening to your ideas and trying them out. With every business market growing rapidly, your brand needs to come up with packaging that can catch the eyes of potential customers from far away.

We Are Eco-Friendly

Everybody in this world is aware of the threats to our environment, and yet, people sit on their couches folding hands and cursing the governments for doing nothing about this serious issue. This is probably the issue that requires the most attention because this is our home. But, change starts from within, and we are firm believers of this thing that when one person changes, then the other gets inspired and the cycle goes on and on. Why can’t this happen while choosing the custom boxes

The major reason for environmental pollution is waste, plastic, and overuse of harmful chemicals, and all of these things are somehow connected to the packaging industry. Plastic has ruined the sea, beaches, and other beautiful parts of this planet. 

WeCustomBoxes is extremely serious when it comes to environmental health, and we ensure that every material we use for box manufacturing is eco-friendly and reusable material. Our packaging materials are made from all-natural materials like pinewood, and this makes our boxes stronger, durable, and eco-friendly. The best part about these boxes is that they can be recycled multiple times, and when they are no longer recyclable, they can be decomposed. Eco-friendly materials are not only restricted to pinewood material, and there is a whole set of available materials.

We Put No Pressure On You

There are packaging companies out there that are hard to work with because they are so demanding, but you won’t face that issue with WeCustomBoxes. Some packaging companies are hard to work with because they set a limit of minimum boxes you can order and that number can be absurd for a startup or a brand that is trying something new in the market.

For example, a startup doesn’t need 2000 same boxes in the beginning because they have to build their brand. WeCustomBoxes believes in building special bonds with its clients, and we have no such limitations about the number of boxes you can order. You can order a hundred boxes or ten-thousand boxes, don’t worry because we’ve got your back. WeCustomBoxes is for everyone.

Great Turnaround Time 

Whether it be a regular customer or a business, we all want quick delivery of the product we ordered, and it is safe to say that express deliveries have ruined us, and now our expectations are too high, but not everyone can do express deliveries, especially if you order something in bulk. When you order packaging in a considerable amount, you should be ready to wait for a couple of weeks before you can get your hands on them and start using those boxes for your products.

But, WeCustomBoxes always tries to bring the best to its clients, and we make sure that we stay in the conversation when it comes to the companies with the fastest turnaround time. No matter if you order in small quantities or bulk, you will get your order delivered on priority.

These are just a few of the many factors that makes us special in the packaging industry, and to learn more about our cardboard boxes and brand, you can visit our website. Our team is available 24/7 to provide assistance because we believe in unparalleled customer support.

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