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Pre Roll Display Boxes



Pre Roll Display Boxes

When it comes to showcasing pre rolls, display packaging provides an ultimate solution. Pre roll displays provide a modern solution to urge the potential audience to buy your product. We manufacture these boxes by taking into account contemporary trends and helping you stand out in the market.

Online shopping has greatly affected traditional shopping. In such circumstances, we offer you custom display boxes to refresh your presence in retail stores. Speaking of pre rolls, they are used on a large scale and presentation can influence customer behavior. We offer you unique packaging displays that can seamlessly make your product valuable.

Benefits of display boxes

We offer you pre roll display packaging that brings you a lot of perks and helps you raise your brand growth. At We Custom Boxes, you get display packaging that bestows you with the following benefits.


Although displays can be made of different packaging materials such as wood, glass, plastic, etc, these are costly packaging options. We offer you cardboard and kraft displays that are highly cost-effective. Whether you are a small and new brand or running a large firm, you can easily get these boxes as they do not demand a large budget size. As these boxes are manufactured in a flat shape, we compile them together and deliver the stock to your warehouse without any shipping cost.

Protective and durable

We offer you highly protective pre roll display packaging that works as a shield against external factors. The pre rolls placed in these boxes stay safe and do not fall from the encasement. You can also use these displays multiple times as they have a long lifespan. Due to the durability of these boxes, the pre rolls can be kept in them for a considerable period and their quality also remains unaffected.

Different styles

Display boxes do not restrict you to a single packaging style. Instead, we offer you various style boxes so that you can enchant the audience in different ways. These styles include:

All these styles are trendy and we offer you cigarette boxes fully customized such as we offer flexibility in size, shape, printing, inserting, and other extra features.

Give a fine arrangement

Display packaging helps you to arrange several pre roll product boxes in one place. We manufacture these boxes with strong cardboard and paperboard materials so that they could bear the weight of several product boxes with pre rolls packed inside. 

With display boxes, you can professionally arrange the pre rolls and give a sophisticated vibe to the buyers. We also offer cardboard inserts so that every preroll box will be placed in its respective slot and give a professional image.

Ensure your presence

Display boxes help you to ensure your product is available in retail stores. We manufacture these boxes by using unique graphics and color gradients that seamlessly highlight your brand presence. You can effectively do marketing with these displays. This is because we manufacture display boxes and print them with your brand identity. For instance, we offer foiling and 3D mockups to imprint your brand name, logo design, and attractive slogans.

Improve your product's perceived value

We manufacture these boxes with unique graphics and colors following your product packaging theme. In this way, we bring relevant packaging so that customers will quickly get to know what the product is about. We make these boxes highly impeccable so that the customer will not remain in any doubt and consider your product worth buying. We also manufacture displays for vape cartridge packaging having printed details with unique font styles. In this way, the customer will get an urge to buy your product.

Green packaging

We offer highly ecological packaging as we use cardboard and paperboard materials in the manufacturing of displays. We take care of environmental sustainability and use tools that do not emit harmful elements. Besides, these boxes are renewable and easy to degrade.

Reach us now!

If you are looking for modish and robust display packaging, we are here to assist you. We offer you all the necessary customizations in these boxes. So, contact us now and get a quote.

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