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Different types of addictive drugs have been used for centuries, but cannabis has become the fastest-growing type of drug in the world. Many people believed that cannabis is a new trend that began two or three decades ago, but it has been present for hundreds and thousands of years. The first case of cannabis was found in central Asia, China to be precise. 

At first, cannabis was used to cure illnesses for millennia, but people started consuming it and the cycle has been running for centuries. These days, cannabis is still being used in the medical industry, but most people role cannabis in form of blunts and smoke to get high. The real trend of cannabis started in the early 2010s, but it was made legal in the late 19th century. 
This is a multi-billion dollar market that is growing rapidly, and there are so many business opportunities available in this industry. Pre-rolls are just one example. Pre-roll is a product that is rolled ahead of time for you to enjoy without having to go through the whole rolling process. 

Getting a slice of the cake from this gigantic market sounds amazing, but the competition is so fierce that you might get shocked for a second. This is where custom pre-roll boxes will come to save you, and help you make a name for your brand in the market. Below given reasons are why you should opt for WeCustomBoxes for your pre-roll packaging boxes.

We Offer Durable Boxes

The primary reason for every packaging in every industry of the world is to keep the product safe while it travels from place A to place B so that the customers can get the best possible results. When it comes to pre-rolls, then let me tell you that things don’t get more sensitive than these things. Pre-rolls look like a cigarette but are more sensitive because the paper is so thin that you can see through them, and the thing wrapped in it isn’t cheap. 

So, it is vital to design a box that can keep the product safe from bad climate conditions because you don’t want your pre-rolls to catch bacteria because the customers can consume them and face health scares. Durable vape cartridge packaging is also important because we all know how shipping companies handle the parcels and you don’t want your customer to receive a broken product. At WeCustomBoxes, we ensure that you get the highest possible quality because this is what our company is all about.

Numerous Design Options 

Just like an average person, the companies can’t make it if they have restrictions and limitations on what they can do. When a company doesn’t keep up with the latest trends and design demands in the market, then they don’t get to make it big in the market. Having a packaging company with limited designs and services should never be a real option for brands. 

This is where we can proudly say that WeCustomBoxes has got you covered. At WeCustomBoxes, we give you so many options that you will have to reconsider multiple times the design you want for your CBD pre-roll boxes. We allow you to take full control and we will happily listen to your ideas and would love to help you make the perfect pre-roll packaging. There are no restrictions on box style, colors, graphics, fonts, and other details.

Different Size Options 

If you know just a tiny bit about pre-rolls, then you will know that there is not only one size like your traditional cigarette, and there are mainly three sizes for pre-rolls like 83mm (small), 98mm (medium), and 109mm (large. The small one stores about 0.7g, the medium one stores 1.0g, and the large one stores around 1.5g. Most packaging companies sell boxes that fit only these three sizes, but at WeCustomBoxes, we will be happy to oblige with you if you have a special size of pre-rolls. You tell us the dimensions, and we get the job done just like you want.

We Offer Effective Printing

The second main reason for customizing the pre-roll boxes apart from protecting the product is to attract customers through its beauty. The whole point of customizing the boxes is to make your brand memorable for the customers. But, the packaging will only attract customers if it is done effectively. Having low-quality printing on your custom pre-roll packaging will completely ruin the beauty of the box because when the product remains on the shelf for a long time, it will start losing the print on the box. 

At WeCustomBoxes, we only believe in quality and we ensure that it reflects in every part of our company. We use top-quality eco-friendly ink and effective ways of international standards to make sure that the print remains on the cigarette boxes and tobacco boxes for years to come.

Better For Nature 

The biggest issue many people are ignoring is the environmental health issue, and they avoid this issue because according to them, they weren’t the ones that caused it. Well, the earth is our home, isn’t it? So, it is our responsibility to take special care of our home. Some brands only care about their profits, and not about the environment. 

But, here at WeCustomBoxes, we ensure that we don’t use or manufacture a product that can harm the planet. The CBD packaging might be a tiny bit expensive compared to your traditional boxes, but the perks of these eco-friendly pre-roll packaging boxes are too much compared to the price of these boxes.

We Are Cheaper 

By cheaper, we don’t mean quality, we mean the price of the boxes. The number one reason why most brands stay away from cardboard pre-roll packaging is because of all the lies spread in the market about how expensive custom boxes are, but these are all big fat lies. Yes, it costs more than your traditional boxes, but WeCustomBoxes ensures that we provide the best quality and price in the market.
So, these were a few of the reasons why you can entrust WeCustomBoxes for your next batch of pre roll box packaging.

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