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Paper Sleeve Packaging



Paper Sleeve Packaging

Sleeve packaging is a unique design of packaging that gives an enchanting impression to your product. It is a modern and simplistic packaging design that improves your product's worth. We offer custom sleeves for a variety of product packaging.

We offer high-quality sleeve packaging so that you can better brand your product. From choosing the stock to getting the printing done, we ensure to facilitate you at every step and bestow you with the best packaging experience.

What are paper sleeves?

Paper sleeves or belly bands are made of light paper or kraft sheets. They are also known as slider sleeves because they are wrapped on the outer surface of the packaging boxes and move as sliders. We offer packaging sleeves that have minimal design and are simply incredible. When it comes to printing, these sleeves are easy to get printed with key details.

How is paper sleeve boxes beneficial?

We offer sleeve packaging by taking into consideration your requirements and market competition. The sleeve design is a contemporary packaging design that helps you to do branding. It is highly beneficial if and only if manufactured wisely. Our experts take care of every minor detail and manufacture highly effective packaging.


We offer different packaging materials for the manufacturing of sleeve packaging such as lightweight paper or kraft sleeves along with cardboard boxes. Besides, the printing depends upon the size of the sleeve you want to use. The small sleeve needs to be printed with fewer printing details.

And you do not have to print the whole cardboard box. In this way, you can save money from printing. We offer inexpensive printing techniques if you have a fixed budget such as flexography. We also offer wholesale paper sleeves to provide you with ease in your business.

Lightweight and strong

Lightweight paper or kraft material is used in the manufacturing of packaging sleeves. However, we ensure to make them as strong and durable as possible. We offer cardboard or paperboard boxes along with. The paper sleeves also work as binding stuff as the packaging box does not open until you slide the sleeve. We offer high-quality paper sleeves that do not get damaged especially when you are delivering the product. 

Easy to design

We use the customizable stock for the manufacturing of sleeve packaging. You can get flexible size boxes and sleeves at We Custom Boxes. Our experts ensure to get the right dimensions and manufacture appropriate size boxes. Besides, the size of the sleeves matters a lot. If your product is heavy, the sleeve size must not be small. 

We offer you custom boxes with logo with which you can effectively convey your brand message. Only essential details are printed on the sleeves such as brand name, logo design, product's name, and other details that inform the customer about the product's features and specifications. We also offer high-end printing options. For instance, you can print key details by using embossing. It gives the details a 3D view. Besides, we also offer aluminum stamping or debossing.


Paper sleeve boxes give you a great edge of changeability. You are not bound to choose the same printed sleeves throughout. Instead, we offer you great convenience in this regard. We offer you packaging stocks with no minimum due to which you can get the flexible size volumes. In this way, you can keep changing the sleeve design.

Having an option of changeability is a great help. You can represent your brand at every special event with a unique theme or graphics printed on the sleeves. For example, you can print sleeves for food boxes with certain graphics and color gradients on Christmas. For this purpose, we offer you a small volume of packaging sleeves.


Paper sleeves and cardboard boxes are made of green materials. We use environmentally friendly tools to get the manufacturing done. Also, they are highly recyclable and old paper sleeves and boxes can be reused after recycling. It is a great factor in conveying a responsible impression to the audience.

Why choose us?

We offer high-quality printed sleeves so that you can better represent your brand values. We offer safe shipment and ensure to meet deadlines. So, what are you looking for? Reach us now and get competitive packaging solutions.

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