Gable Bag Auto Bottom in USA & Worldwide

Product description

Gable bag is a famous and demand-able box style. These bags contain a unique bottom which is called auto bottom these bottom don’t need to assemble you just need to stretch out the bag and the bottom will be assembled on his own. These bags are used for gift packaging and also used for delivery and takeaway of food items.

Gable bag is a famous and demandable box style, they are mostly used for promotional-items. Gable bags are made in such a way that they can be folded in to flat shape. Allowing them to have more storage space. These bags can be re-stored to their original shape by stretching out.
These bags are widely used for delivery and takeaway of food items as they are extremely dependable to carry from one place to the other. These bags are also used as favor bags or as gift bags.
As we are specialized customized packaging, we can do any customization on bags as per customers requirement.


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