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Food Sleeve Packaging



Food Sleeve Packaging

Food packaging has a major role in keeping the food stuff fresh and clean. For this purpose, we offer you a protective as well as inexpensive packaging solution i.e sleeve packaging. Our experts make both ends meet to make these packaging sleeves strong and attractive.

For any type of food packaging such as fried items, bakery stuff, and desserts, we have got your back. We also offer you chocolate boxes that are durable and customizable. These paper sleeves can cater to your marketing needs as well.

Traits of effective food sleeve boxes

We all know that packaging has great importance in making a remarkable first impression. Not every product packaging can entice the audience especially when it comes to food. People would never take risks to their health and so they pay particular attention to the packaging style of the food item. We, therefore, take care of minor details while designing these sleeves. Our packaging sleeves have the following attributes.

Highly protective and durable

Protection is the foremost factor after all the customer is looking for something healthy. Considering this fact, we manufacture highly protective sleeves. For this purpose, we offer cardboard and kraft paper sleeves. These paper stocks provide a shield against external factors that can harm the quality of the packed food.

Besides, we manufacture sleeves that have a long lifespan so that you can use them easily for a considerable period. In this way, getting large volumes is not a loss as these sleeves are made of durable material.


Packaging sleeves are made of lightweight paper materials but they are efficient enough to stay wrapped over the packaging box. We ensure to make these sleeves as strong as possible. Their lightweight is very beneficial for some reasons.

For instance, you can easily wrap them in the packaging box and they are easy to slide over the box. Besides, the weight of the sleeve does not affect the overall weight of the package. In this way, the food item can be delivered easily without paying extra cost on the sleeve's weight.


Whether you have a small bakery or a big and famous pizza brand, having cost-effective packaging is surely your preference. This is because remarkable packaging does not need a great cost if manufactured wisely. Taking into account this important factor. 

We offer you custom boxes wholesale that would not disturb your budget. We use cost-effective and trendy packaging materials such as paper stock and offer you various customizations that are available at different prices. Therefore, you can get whatever suits your budget at We Custom Boxes.

Easy to design

We use top-notch paper material that is flexible to custom designs and other features. We offer different sizes of food sleeve boxes by taking into consideration the size and weight of the packed item. We also offer different types of sleeves such as:

We also offer different paper surfaces so that you can choose what you find competitive. 

Have alluring graphics

The graphics are the mandatory part of custom packaging. For sleeve packaging too, you can easily print the desired graphics. We offer high-resolution printing in this regard. Besides, we offer different color combinations that can speak highly of your brand and make your product vibrant.

You can also make your brand name and logo highly attractive by using high-end custom options. We offer hot stamping, 3D mockup, and pressed print view. These add-ons can make your food packaging simply magical. 


Paper sleeves are highly ecological as they are made of the natural extract. We take care of environmental factors and use environment-friendly tools that bring no harm to the surrounding. We offer highly recyclable paper sleeves so that old sleeves can be recycled and reused without affecting the environment. We, therefore, manufacture packaging without compromising environmental harmony.

Reach us now!

Get a winning sleeve packaging from us as we use strong paper stocks that keep the taste of the food alive. We offer cost-effective packaging along with modern custom features. So, reach out to our team and get a quote now.

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