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Disposable Vape Discreet Packaging



Disposable Vape Discreet Packaging

When it comes to displaying vape cartridges on retail shelves or delivering them to the customer's doorstep, custom vape packaging is all that you need. We Custom Boxes ensure to bestow our customers with the best packaging experience so that they can reinforce their business growth in a short period.

Vaping is a modern trend that has spread rapidly. It has seamlessly cut down the demand for conventional smoking. It is a safe method when it comes to health concerns. As a vape beholder, you must have a modern solution to represent your ideal product. 

Perks of disposable vape discreet packaging

What do we offer in disposable vape discreet boxes?

As a professional packaging supplier, we take care of every minor detail and come up with spectacular packaging on which you can blindly rely. Our vape packaging is made with modern features and we offer the following attributes in it.

High protection

We manufacture these boxes by making use of top-notch packaging materials such as cardboard, paperboard, kraft, and corrugated cardboard materials. These materials are well-known for their competency to protect vape cartridges. As vape cartridges are sensitive, they need an encasement that not only protects them but also provides support during transportation. 


Custom packaging is all about convenience. Taking this factor into account, we offer cost-effective packaging that would not break the bank. We offer these boxes at reasonable prices as cardboard and kraft boxes are highly inexpensive. Also, these boxes are lightweight and your shipping costs will also be reduced.

We also offer high-end packaging options such as rigid boxes that are expensive compared to cardboard boxes. However, we never offer you what you don't even need and what is not good for your budget.

Different customizations

Custom packaging has a lot of features such as size, design, and printing details. We offer great flexibility in all such features. For instance, we offer different size boxes for vape pens such as 1ml, 2ml, 4ml, and 5 ml vape cartridge boxes. In this way, you get a relevant encasement that makes you a trustworthy brand.

We offer versatile designs out of which you can choose the suitable one. At We Custom Boxes, we offer tuck-end, window-patched, separate lid, slider, and display boxes. Similarly, you can easily include printing details and labels on the boxes. We use suitable font style and size to make the printing details clear and understandable.

Flexible printing techniques

You are not bound to use a single printing technique. We offer different printing methods such as

These printing techniques are different from one another based on process, cost, and image quality. Our experts offer you suitable printing techniques and include attractive graphics by using a certain printing method. We offer different color combinations that make your packaging alluring. These color schemes include RGB, CMYK, and PMS.


To make your packaging design extra amazing, you must go overboard and incorporate some extra features. These features may include inserts, varnishes, and laminations. 

Cardboard inserts are used to make compartments in the box so that every vape element such as the battery, heating element, and e-liquid can be placed appropriately.

We offer PVC lamination, spot UV coating, gloss, and matte coatings to increase the perceived value of your vape item.

Hire us now!

We offer the best packaging solutions for your vape products. You can also get custom cartridge packaging wholesale at We Custom Boxes. So, reach us right away and get a free consultation.

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