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Disposable Vape Boxes



Disposable Vape Boxes

An amazing encasement is mandatory for your product presentation. If you want to have a winning packaging solution for your vape cartridges, you have come to the right place. We Custom Boxes is a professional packaging company that offers different designs of boxes at suitable prices.

Vaping is a contemporary trend that has appealed to a great number of people. The dense smoke of vaping makes it a cool trend. Also, it is safe for health. The market competition has also become fierce due to the rising demand for vape pens. To help you crush the competition, we can bestow you with ultimate packaging solutions that you can reckon with.

Advantages Of Custom Disposable Vape Boxes

The buzz of custom packaging is not futile rather it has seamlessly replaced standard packaging. We offer you high-quality custom packaging with which you can gain multiple benefits.

Material Choice

We offer you a range of packaging materials such as cardboard, kraft, and paperboard. These materials are trendy and highly customizable. You can surely choose the suitable stock for your vape cartridge packaging.

Flexible Size

We first take measurements of vape cartridges and then manufacture relevant size encasements for them. For instance, 1ml, 2ml, and 5ml cartridge boxes. When you use an appropriate size box, the customer perceives you as a professional and authentic brand.

Different Printing Techniques

At We Custom Boxes, you can choose the suitable printing method as we offer multiple options. These printing methods may include lithography, flexography, screen printing, and digital printing.

A Minimum Budget is Required

You do not have to spend tons of money on packaging solely when you have budget-friendly options. We offer you reasonable as well as high-end custom vape cartridge packaging so that you can have suitable packaging as per your budget size.

Also, we offer custom printed boxes that cut down your advertisement cost as these boxes work as a great marketing weapon.

Excellent Shipping Companion

Due to the hype of online shopping, every brick-and-mortar store has also made its online store due to which shipping boxes have also become a need. We offer you custom corrugated cardboard boxes that are an excellent solution. These boxes safely deliver your product to the customer's place.

Traits Of an Exclusive Disposable Vape Packaging

Made of High-Quality Material

The material is the backbone of the packaging solution. Taking care of this fact, we use high-quality material in the manufacturing of vape pen packaging. We use cardboard and paperboard stocks that are known for their competency in lifting the product.

We offer strong and durable boxes so that you can offer the end consumer a protective as well as consistent keeper for a vape cartridge.

Fully Customized

To create a difference in the market, you must have unique packaging. For this purpose, we look into the bigger picture and offer you custom packaging. Our experts do proper market research and come up with great packaging ideas. You can get suitable custom features at We Custom Boxes. For evenly customized packaging, we offer you the following custom features.

Alluring Graphics

The graphical representation is a unique and enticing one. It makes you different from others. Our graphic designers create sophisticated and modish graphics that can hold the customer's sight. We offer different color combinations such as CMYK and PMS so that you can add life to a custom vape cartridge packaging box.

To stand out in the competition, you must imprint your brand name and logo design on the packaging boxes. For this purpose, we offer you different printing options such as 3D mock up or embossing and debossing for depressed printing.

Environment Friendly

We offer green packaging as we use cardboard material that is made of natural extract. The manufacturing of these boxes is pollutant free. Also, these boxes are highly biodegradable and renewable. Ecological packaging provides you with a great chance to make you a responsible brand.

Reach Us Now!

To help you persuade the potential audience, we offer you remarkable packaging. So, reach out to our support team and book a free consultation right away.

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