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Disposable THC Vape Packaging



Disposable THC Vape Packaging

The very first thing that catches the sight of the customer is the outer appearance of the product. For this purpose, packaging plays a vital role. As a professional packaging company, we bestow our customers with high-quality packaging. There resides great competition among vape suppliers.

This is because the vaping trend is getting hype as time passes and people have left traditional smoking to a great extent. In such circumstances, you must make your vape items highly representable. We can serve you in this regard as our experts manufacture high-end packaging designs.

Importance of disposable THC vape packaging

We offer different designs of disposable THC vape boxes

Tuck end boxes

Tuck end is a common yet fine packaging design that is used for various product packaging. We offer these boxes for vape cartridges along with certain customizations you would like to incorporate. For instance, a transparent window patch can be included in these boxes to add a sneak peek feature.

Drawer boxes

These boxes are also known as tray or slider boxes. They have a separate covering lid that moves like a slider. It is a highly protective packaging design and is user-friendly. We offer foam inserts to make these boxes more appealing and classical.

Rigid boxes

If you want to add a luxurious touch to your dank vape packaging, rigid boxes are an excellent choice. These boxes are costly compared to simple cardboard boxes but they are worth it if you have a flexible budget. Foam inserts can be used in these boxes too. We offer different rigid boxes such as hot black boxes having your brand name and logo imprinted.

Boxes with hang tabs

You can include a hand tab feature in narrow tuck end boxes. These boxes are an excellent solution for retail stores. This is because they can effectively ensure your product presence in the store and catch the attention of the buyer in no time. Also, these boxes take less space and help retailers to arrange the vape cartridges appropriately.

Display Boxes

To increase your product's perceived value, these boxes are a brilliant solution. We manufacture these boxes by including your brand identity so that the buyer will get a close look at your brand. You may also make partitions in these boxes to effectively arrange the vape cartridges.

We offer modern custom features


We offer different stock boxes that can meet all your packaging requirements. For instance, we offer cardboard, kraft, paperboard, chipboard, and corrugated cardboard boxes. 


Printing is the essence of custom packaging. Without printing, you cannot get a modish expression in your product. We offer different printing techniques such as digital printing, screen printing, lithography, and flexography. By using a suitable printing method, our experts include the graphics and other printing details to give your packaging a sophisticated look.


We offer different add-ons to make your custom vape cartridge packaging box spectacular. We offer different printing views such as a 2D or flat view and a 3D view for your brand name and logo design. We also offer different varnishes to make the packaging surface protective and attractive. These coatings may include PVC lamination, spot UV, gloss or matte coatings and metallic coating, etc.

Why choose us?

We deal in different stock boxes so that you can get the desired packaging stock. We give faster turnarounds and offer free shipping. We also offer discounts on wholesale packaging. So, what are you waiting for? Hire us now to get exclusive vape packaging.

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