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Custom Cartridge Packaging



Custom Cartridge Packaging

Custom vape cartridge packaging creates an everlasting first impression due to which the customer will likely stick to your brand. We manufacture modish packaging solutions to help you in this regard. You can get your dreamy packaging designs at We Custom Boxes as we put our customers first and take care of their concerns.

Vape pens are very much in demand. The reason lies in the fact that vaping has replaced conventional tobacco smoking to a great extent due to its cool dense smoke and harmlessness to health. However, the product should be protective and child-resistant to improve customer experience. For this purpose, we offer high-quality vape cartridge packaging.

What do we offer in custom cartridge packaging?

We take care of all the necessary elements and minor details of the packaging. We bestow our customers with great convenience and offer a complete package in vape packaging boxes.

Different packaging materials

We use top-notch packaging stocks to manufacture the best quality packaging. For this purpose, we do not bound our customers to a single type of packaging material. Instead, we offer a variety of mediums such as cardboard, kraft, chipboard, paperboard, and corrugated cardboard. All these materials are trendy and can meet all your packaging requirements.

These boxes are highly cost-effective and do not disturb your budget. You can get lightweight custom cartridge boxes such as boxes made of kraft material. If you want to get a luxurious feel in your packaging, we can provide you with rigid boxes. However, you have to have a budget accordingly.

Multiple designs

We do not offer a similar design to every customer. Rather, we manufacture evenly customized packaging boxes. At We Custom Boxes, you may get the following designs for vape pen packaging:

Our experts create unique layouts for the packaging boxes so that you can increase the perceived value of your vape item. For printing details, we offer you different yet readable font styles. We use different color gradients for graphics as we offer you colors wheels such as CMYK, RGB, and Pantone colors.

Flexible size

Relevant size encasement is an essential factor in vape bottle packaging. We offer you flexibility in sizes so that you can get the appropriate size packaging considering the size of a certain vape cartridge. In this respect, we offer 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, and many other size boxes. We offer you budget-friendly packaging and therefore manufacture accurate size boxes as a fixed quantity of packaging medium is required in this regard. 

The appropriate size box helps you to create a professional image and customers will perceive you as an authentic figure in the market. Considering this aspect, manufacturing the appropriate size boxes is our core value.

Different printing techniques

Printing is a must-have aspect of custom packaging. Therefore, we offer remarkable printing results to our customers. For this purpose, we offer multiple printing methods that are different based on image quality and cost. These printing techniques include the following:

At We Custom Boxes, you can independently choose the printing technique considering your budget size. However, we include the graphics attractively so that you can grab the attention of the audience at first glance.


Different inserts help you to make the vape packaging evenly safe and secure. For example, we offer cardboard inserts to do partitions in the display boxes. These boxes help a lot in a retail setting as you can assemble several vape boxes in this way. We also offer foaming inserts to make your vape boxes more classical and protective.


We offer different add-ons for your cartridge packaging wholesale. For instance, we offer embossing to give a 3D view of the printing details on the packaging box. Besides, we also offer debossing and foil stamping. 

We also offer different varnishes to make the packaging surface more protective and attractive. For instance, we offer PVC lamination, spot UV, gloss, matte, shimmery, and metallic coatings.

Contact us now!

If you are looking for high-quality and modish vape packaging, we can better assist you. We offer faster turnarounds and free shipping. So, reach us now and get a free consultation.

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