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Cigarette Boxes



A cigarette is one of the most frequently used items being used in every part of the globe. It has been used by a large community of people for hundreds of years but since the last few decades, its demand has been increased to a great extent. According to many people, they use this item to get rid of their depression and anxiety whereas many take it as a fashion.

Why Packaging is Necessary for Cigarettes?

Cigarettes are very sensitive items that can be damaged quickly with any sort of internal or external damage. Varying weather conditions are not good for them as well. Every rise in the temperature level is a red alert for cigarettes.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned parameters, there must be proper packaging containers to encase such products so that the suppliers can easily deliver them to the desired destination. Proper packaging increases the life of products as well as spreads the positive image of your brand.

Why Our Cigarette Boxes?

A thing that creates a major difference between our strategies and the competitors’ approaches is we go for detailed market research to observe the trends being followed by a large community of customers.
At WeCustomBoxes, we carefully analyze what customers want, and then we manufacture cigarette boxes exactly in accordance with their requirements. We have a huge family of loyal customers that is particularly concerned with buying empty cigarette boxes.

What Material Do We Use?

Actually, our customers have complete freedom of choosing any material they want for their cigarettes packaging. We have a range of materials that we use to prepare cigarette packaging boxes for sale. Since the product is lightweight with small dimensions, therefore, the most frequently used materials are:

Kraft Cigarette Boxes

We use kraft paper for this kind of packaging. This paper is made up of wood and therefore it is eco-friendly as well as recyclable. The best thing about our kraft packaging boxes is they play their part in protecting the environment. These boxes have the capability to protect cigarettes very well and this is what customers exactly want.

Cardboard Cigarette Containers

Cardboard has many amazing parameters that make it stand out among potential buyers. Our cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to ensure the secure delivery of cigarettes from the suppliers to the buyers’ doorstep.

Our cardboard containers are flexible and strong, and the most interesting thing is they do not pollute our surroundings as plastic boxes do. We use hard, reliable, and stiff materials to manufacture cigarette boxes hemp.

Types of Packaging We Provide

You can get a diverse range of packaging boxes from our store. A few of our promising types of cigarette boxes are listed below.

Custom Cigarette Containers

The custom cigarette boxes are the perfect tools that can encase products of any size. You can mold our custom made cigarette boxes into any style, size, or shape considering the actual dimensions of your items.

Our custom containers are further divided into multiple categories including custom joint boxes that have contributed very well to boost our services to the next level. Similarly, our custom CBD boxes have got much popularity among those who consume CBD products on a regular basis.

Custom Printed Cigarette Packaging

Do you have a newly established business? Want to give it a strong boost and increase your earnings? Our printed cigarette boxes made in USA are the best solution to make your business touch the sky. One of our top-selling products that fall under the category of customized printed containers is vape packaging boxes. Must try them if you like vape products. They will never disappoint you.

Pre-Roll Boxes

Our dedicated, well-trained, and experienced staff has been working for a long time to manufacture pre roll packaging boxes for your brand. They are using three-dimensional technology to print pre roll packaging labels for your packaging boxes.

Display Cases

These cases are proved to be very effective in grabbing the attention of every single buyer. The only reason behind this kind of attraction is they allow customers to have a look at the products from the external environment before making any purchase. Our display boxes can help you boost your business, and you will automatically achieve exponential growth.

Buy Cigarette Packaging Containers Wholesale

Are you running a business or want to get involved in such activities? Do you want to buy bulk cigarette boxes for your brand? Our cigarette boxes wholesale program act as your trusted partner in this regard by providing you with top-notch cigarette packaging boxes wholesale.

With our wholesale pricing, you can buy packaging boxes in bulk because it saves your amount to be invested again and again in bearing traveling costs. In addition to that, bulk items can be used for long-term sales purposes.

Why Choose Us?

We consider our customers as the greatest asset, and we go the extra mile to provide them with the things they want to get. Our trained staff think out of the box to produce something that is not easily available in today’s market. The best thing you can get by choosing our platform is highly affordable pricing.

We regularly listen to our buyers and ask about the challenges they are facing with either our services or with some other vendors. You can get excellent customer support services with an extremely supportive staff that tries its level best to respond to all your queries and works round the clock.

Free design services, fast and free shipping across the United States and Canada, no set-up fee, quick turnaround, no hidden charges, and on-time delivery are our top services that are always appreciated by a huge family of our buyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does A Cigarette Packet Have Any Minimum or Maximum Size?
Answer: Yes. Once the lid of the cigarette pack gets closed, its dimensions should not be less than 85mm x 55mm x 20mm (height x width x length). Similarly, when you have closed the lid of a cigarette box, its dimensions should not be more than 125mm x 82mm x 42mm (height x width x length).

Question 2: Is There Any Specific Color for The Inner Frame of A Cigarette Packaging Box?
Answer: The inner frame of a cigarette box is also known as the inside lip. According to the regulations set by the international community, all the outer surfaces of both secondary as well as primary packaging boxes must be coated with a color named Pantone 448C.

Question 3: Can Some Lining Be Introduced on The Cigarette Packaging Boxes?
Answer: Yes, it can have a lining, but it should be silver foil backed with white paper. Moreover, this lining needs to be textured on the whole surface with embossed squares or small dots. Furthermore, these squares are embossed at equal distances from each other. 

Question 4: How Many Times Should I Print My Brand’s Name on The Cigarette Packaging Boxes?
Answer: The best way to put your brand’s name on the cigarette boxes is to use it no more than 3 times. The name of your business should be printed once at the top, once at the bottom, and once on the front side of the box. Please ensure that no surface contains your brand’s name more than once. It gives a bad impression.

Question 5: Is It Necessary for Me to Print My Brand’s Name in English?
Answer: No. There is no such restriction. If you are selling cigarettes in a region where any other language is more popular than English, you can print that one to spread your brand awareness in the most appropriate manner. 

Question 6: Can I Use English Along with Another Language for Printing My Cigarette Packaging Boxes?
Answer: Yes, you can use your native language along with English to let your customers know about the services you are providing to them. It creates diversification and attracts buyers from different cultures. 

Question 7: Which Address Should Be Printed on The Cigarette Packaging Containers?
Answer: According to the regulations, the name along with the address of a person who packs cigarettes can be mentioned on the boxes. Similarly, if they are packed on behalf of someone else, the address and name should be mentioned of that person or brand.

Question 8: Can I Choose My Design on My Own?
Answer: Yes, we give you complete freedom to choose the design as per your needs and interests. We convert your idea into a practical example. You can let us know about, color, theme, text, and images selection.

Question 9: Will You Show Me the Final Design Before It Gets Printed?
Answer: Yes, we will surely show you the final design and we will be needing your approval before we send it to our printing center. 

Question 10: Do You Offer Packaging Boxes in Bulk For The Businesses That Are Operating At A Larger Scale.
Answer: Yes, we offer special discounts to business owners who are operating in the global market on a larger scale. You can buy from us at wholesale pricing in bulk.

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