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Customized Cake Boxes are crux components for bakery businesses to pack or contain cake products. We at We Custom Boxes produce cake boxes with high-quality cardboard stock and design them by following your commands. Contact us to get first-class custom-made boxes to pack, store, display, or carry a range of cake products most conveniently and proficiently.


The term cake makes a mouth watery because it is one of the yummiest desserts in the baking industry. To keep the flavor and freshness of cake products, we offer Custom Cake Boxes for all the retailers in demand. You'll find the best cake packaging boxes at the most affordable rates. We use compostable cardboard and gratuity quality printing material in the entire manufacturing procedure of these boxes. It doesn't matter what quantity, size, shape, or design you want; we produce creative packaging as you desire. Whether you need individual cake boxes, small cake boxes, either cake boxes in bulk, this is the right place for you. Boxes manufactured at We Custom Boxes are perfect for holding the delicacy of cakes packed inside and protecting sensitive goods. Our exclusive food boxes are also flawless to display on a retailer's shop shelves. Contact us now to avail our special cake boxes.

Custom cake Boxes

Our custom Bakery boxes are designed and produced exclusively for you. Those who use the services of our design team may be sure that their pastry products will stand out among competitors on the shelf. Various add-ons and decorative elements, such as cut-out windows, embossment, foiling, matte, and gloss finish, along with the latest printing technologies, guarantee that you get an attractive exclusive design for your pastry. Depending on your bakery product, you may choose among

High Quality Custom Cake Boxes

Typically speaking, every customer's goods should be packed in boxes made of high-quality material. Still, when it is about the packing of eatables, one has to be extra careful. manufactures high-quality packaging cake boxes with 100% biodegradable material that is in no way toxic or harmful to health. Even the inks used for the high-tech HD printing of the cake boxes are non-toxic and are made from 100% natural ingredients. The material used in formulating these boxes is perfect for keeping all freshly baked ingredients fresh for a long time.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Retaining Cake Freshness

Environmental awareness is a core part of our team, and we are equally committed to preserving it as individuals. Our appreciation goes out to businesses who choose to pack their products in this manner. Companies throughout the world use this efficient and effective packaging method. In addition to keeping your food products hygienic, it is designed to prevent them from being damaged by external factors. Our personnel use cardboard, Kraft, corrugated cardboard, and other materials to construct custom cake boxes. Due to their durability and reliability, these stocks serve as excellent marketing and branding tools and protect your cakes.


Generally, bakery items are packaged in custom-made bakery boxes. They are composed of cardboard, solid material, and folding. Keeping your product safe and healthy is their primary responsibility.d healthy. You can rely on it to ensure those products are safe. Providing you with premium quality Wholesale Bakery Boxes. As far as customization goes, you have the option to make them meet your specific needs. We ensure that all of our bakery boxes are made of white and are renowned for keeping freshness and taste alive for as long as possible. Therefore, your brand needs to keep your customers satisfied with its products and services. Regardless of the product, you are trying to pack. Our high-quality pink bakery boxes will keep that product fresh and tasty for as long as it remains packed in them. Aside from that, it also provides the products with a careful amount of protection while shipping.

Cake Boxes Wholesale 

For great orders, which are primarily placed by bakeries and cafes, it is more favorable to use packaging boxes in large orders as it will automatically reduce the expense and add to the boxes' value. In fact, you might find that the boxes are quite useful. However, you do not want to pay too much for them, so you should consider purchasing them wholesale. You can easily approach weCustomBoxes to get these boxes, which will make you feel pleased. You can find all the samples of cake boxes on our website with all the required details and the necessary information to keep them fresh, healthy, and safe. So don't hesitate and check the online store. You can get all the required details on order and the boxes. So hurry up, place the orders, and enjoy beautiful boxes for your yummy cakes.

WCB is the perfect solution to your query about where to buy cake boxes. Related queries about our products or how to order, we can help you at every step. Just give us a call at 1 281-786-4001, or you can also contact us by sending an email at [email protected].


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