While you visit our website, We Custom Boxes, it should be primarily understood that you accept our entire privacy policy entirely as per the descriptions detailed comprehensively on our official website. We adhere to the preservation, management, and security of the user’s information quite aptly and therefore, we have deployed a highly strict policy to protect any piece of the information supplied by our users. It should be well assured that we do not share any information provided by our users with any other third party of users and the collected cluster of data is used for the timely procession of the placed order only. We handle all types of information provided by our users for the fulfillment of shipping requests, customer service facilities and for acquiring contact details and the feedback from our valued customers. We do not extract any intentioned information from the children under the age of thirteen, and thus, our website is not premeditated for usage by children.

We also like to clarify that we would disclose any part of the given user information if obligated by court order or to safeguard our interests as well as assure the safety of the other users that visit our website, only if it is permissible by you. Secondly, the revelation of your information can only occur in the cases when we adjoin and build a reliably confidential user-customer relationship and therefore if it is necessary to abide by any ongoing jurisdictional proceeding summoned by the court of law or a legal working inflicted on our website.

Information Collection & Use:

The various domains of our official website and its related web server store and cluster the information provided by the users. These clusters of information are gathered from several sources and maintained in the form of log files that store the domain names of the visitors, IP address, name of the browsers, versions, dates and the occurrences of the online visits, reference and web pages of exit, the total number of clicks per website and last, but not the least, the geographical or the demographical information that is used to instigate the ongoing trends of the internet. The email addresses provided by the visitors are, however, are an excluded part of the stored log files.

WeCustomBoxes.com gathers only that mainly provided information which is intentionally rendered by our website users and thus, any part of the voluntarily bestowed information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, names, shipping whereabouts, private and entrepreneur information is entirely used for the processing phase such as the requests and transaction details, are shared with the service suppliers and their associated third parties. By quoting associated third parties, we mean banking organizations, credit card services, and the shipping companies which may require the user information for the billing procedures of the sold products and services requested by our valued clients. However, the regular website users and the miscellaneous customers own the accessibility to make any changes to their self- provided user details on our official website.

However, WeCustomBoxes.com is not liable to the provision, distribution or the selling of any information provided by our website users and the customers. However, the information provided by the users can be used for marketing and the enhancement of our official website, WeCustomBoxes.com and its bevy of products, services, and the marketing campaigns and offers for advertising obligations. We also make use of the given information as an assemblage of contact details and thus, it is usefully deployed for the regulation, notifications and the updates of our website news and policies that may evoke your interest as a user.

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Security Information:

The protection and the security of our website users and customers’ information is our top priority, and we take all the equitable set of measures to defy against the unsanctioned access of your private information whether it’s obtained online or offline, either privately or commercially. We restrict the access to the information of our website users and customers in our proper setup. We use the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption methodology which is the most rendered form of the exceedingly effectual data security system to preserve and transfer the sensitive information over the internet, amid our users. However, despite the highly integrated security of the shared information by the high-profile encryption, provided by the SSL which is quite verifiable, we deploy this exacting encryption measure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to shielding the user information wholly. Despite the strict security regimen of encryption, we cannot resolutely declaim that the info is cent percent safe over the internet and therefore, we cannot provide an absolute warranty of the security of the information provided by the users to our website online.


Business Evolutions:

If WeCustomBoxes.com undergoes various business modifications such as sold to, affiliate with another establishment, declaration of the bankruptcy, the transference of our possessions that would include all the clusters of the information gathered from different sources provided by our website users and customers.



WeCustomBoxes.com uses the stored cookies provided by our website users and customers to enhance their experience while visiting our official website. A cookie a set of integrated data which is programmed and stored on your computer systems for a protracted period by our official website. A cookie allows the permissible use of our site by each specific user and this information can be related to our set of records or servers of the site. We need to enable the usage of cookies to surf our official website. The cookies can be removed by following the set of guidelines given in your web browser settings.



WeCustomBoxes.com website may contain several links to various sites. Please make sure that we do not bear any responsibility for the privacy policies practiced by other sites. We much like to create awareness for our users to be quite vigilant while departing from the other sites and we emphasize deeply upon the acknowledgment of all the private information of all the websites visited by you. All the websites on the internet collect all the personally identifiable information, and thus, thus this privacy statement applies entirely by all the info congregated by our website.


How to contact us on WeCustomboxes.com?

You may contact us via email at the following address [email protected] or by calling …

You may email your queries to [email protected] to connect with our customer support system.

WeCustomBoxes.com may amend this Privacy Policy at any time, irrespective of any notifications or alerts are given previously, without any prior intimidation.  The change(s) would be regularly posted on our official webpage. For regular updates, we encourage you to read our updated page frequently.