When you come to our website, it automatically gets into an agreement that you collect and use our information as stated in the respective privacy policy. We always believe and maintain the strict privacy of our website users and customers. Yes, whatever information you share with us while being on our website, we maintain complete security of it and make sure it is not shared with any other person or third party. Whatever information you share while placing your order with us will never be disclosed or distributed to any other body except as required by our customer service professionals will stop so, you can be assured that with us, your personal information will be kept fully confidential and safe. We never intentionally gather information about the children’s underage using our website. Our website never supports the usage of its give an option by children. We never intended and neither the website been structured for the use of underage children. You need to understand that we will only disclose your personal information as and when required by the law. This will be only done so that we can protect our interests and safety to the fullest. We will make sure that other visitors on the website are also completely secure and for that, we will always go according to the given requirements. As we have complete faith in judicial proceedings, legal process, and court orders, we will use the required information as shared by you. You can completely trust us with this and we will make sure that none of your shared information is used without your permission.

Collection and Usage of Information

There are a number of different areas on our website which collect user information. Thus respective information has been maintained securely in the log files with the respective specifications in the form of IP address, domain name, browser name, and several other things. But, we will not keep the track of visitors email addresses. The information voluntarily provided by our website users it is securely collected by us. There are many visitors who exclusively provide their names, email address, phone numbers, shipping address, and several other personal and business information which is exclusively stored securely in our website. Whenever you make any kind of purchase from our website, you will be providing sensitive information in the form of your bank details or credit card details. But, while providing this information, you agree to the consent that this information will be shared with the respective third party in the form of banking institutions or shipping companies. The information shared will be used so that they can take the transaction ahead and help you get your products delivered as per the given request.


We have given complete access to our users and customers to change the information available on our website. We do not sell or provide your customer information to any kind of third party. The information of the customers and users will only be used for the purpose of marketing and enhancement of our business products and services. So, you can be assured that we only use the information to help you with better updates and products which can be useful for your interest. If you do not like to receive any kind of information or updates from our end, all you need to do is to let us know about.


For us, there is nothing more important than to keep your information completely safe and secure. WeCustomBoxes take complete responsibility for your information security and take the required action so that there is no one authorized access to your business and personal information whether it is offline or online. The information of our users and customers are fully restricted in our offices and will only be given after the required permission. We only use secure encryption with veg one attains top security system in place with which the information is kept fully secure and safe. So, with us, you can be assured that your personal information is completely safe with a top-notch security system in place.

Business Transaction

If there is any sort of business transition and the time of the future, we will surely include all the information gathered from our website of different users and customers. Yes, suppose if we are selling our website or a company then, we will definitely share the information gathered.


WeCustomBoxes always care for our users and visitors experience on our website and so, we use cookies to improve that all the time. Yes, we use cookies so that how our users and customers can avail the best experience they’re looking for on our website. If you’re thinking about what cookies are then, these are the programme set of data which are exclusively stored on your desktop which can be taken into use age by our website to relate to the information and your needs. Yes, a cookie will allow our website to understand your specific needs and help you accordingly. You can definitely remove the respective cookie is by following the stated instructions on the respective browser.


Our website may contain links or other web pages so, we are not responsible for any kind of practice is performed on the sides. It is very important that you go through their privacy statements and terms and condition before using the respective sites. The privacy statement and terms and condition mentioned on our website only apply to us and not on the links which relate you to other websites. So, these are the privacy policies followed by us to help you with the best of experience while looking for packaging services. Our prime objective has always been to help you with the best of experience and avail the quality approved packaging services at complete value for money. So, do not hesitate and get in touch with our support executives right away to help yourself with the best of packaging services. We will make sure that you get exactly the way you were looking for and that too without any glitches!

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