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Cyber Monday is Approaching – Get Ready to Meet the Green

Cyber Monday

As the golden opportunity is approaching near, you must hurry to clear your decks to get the best of this chance. Yes, we are talking about the day to let you avail the dream ticket. Cyber Monday is the second biggest day of online holiday shopping where you get some fascinating deals. Many online stores set their stocks up for sales with inexpensive rates. These deals are so inviting that you cannot afford to lose the chance. With a variety of options, you get the chance to purchase your required product be it dealing with the world of electronics or clothing or jewelry, and crockery, etc.

Avail The Fair Shake

The Green Monday falls as a second Monday in December and this time is apt to get your stuff prepared for Christmas and other celebrations. Moreover, this season is the onset of extreme winters; therefore, you can buy some warm stuff for yourselves and your family members. Not only this, avail this fair shake to purchase goods and giveaways for your near and dears. For yours and just your benefit, online shopping stores like WalmartTarget, and Amazon, etc. promote this trend by presenting exciting deals.

Fueling your shopping with exciting offers

The shopping season is given an accelerated push with gripping deals in all possible categories. Each year is marked with record sales as no one can bear to let go of this magnetic pull. In 2016, Cyber Monday online retail sales rose to $11.621 billion. This previous record broke off the preceding year’s record of $1.615 trillion in 2014. This record marked a profit more than the pre-recession high of $881 million set in 2007. The online shopping hunt in un-putdownable with this compelling evidence that the sales grow by $2.5 billion each year.

Online stores are Convenient

Green Monday follow the bricks and mortar shopping done on Black Fridays where you stop by at various shopping stores to get your list down. In contrast to this, this day marks the opportunity to do your purchasing while sipping a cup of hot coffee on your couch. In this cold weather, what is more good than buying your commodities while sitting at home? Grab your laptops, phones, and tablets to enjoy the taste of shopping at home. That is rather more convenient than wasting your energy and wearing yourself at shopping stores.

Deals in Packaging

Packaging companies offer exciting deals on the second successive week of December. The packaging industry is ready to offer exciting deals so that you can get the packaging boxes to wrap your products and gifts in the graceful boxes. It is certain that each and every merchandise require appropriate packaging boxes for protection and promotion. On this day, you can purchase this necessity at affordable rates. Present your products in a charming manner of you are a retailer and if you want to surprise your cousins and friends, get these beautiful boxes at cheap rates.

Cyber Monday is more alluring to the Millennials and Gen X. It is reported that sixty percent of the purchasers under forty purchase their gift items on online stores. This percentage is greater than those forty percent of Baby Boomers who have some trouble adapting to the changing technological trends in business and corporate world.

This holiday shopping season is very important for the online stores because one-fifth of their annual sales occur between this short period from Black Friday to Christmas. Some stores, like jewelers, make as much as forty percent profit in these holidays. In fact, the holidays are the busy days for these online retailers.

Let us now observe the history charts form the year 2005 to 2016 on this second Monday of December; the elfin day for you. By the year 2005, the recorded sales were $.556 billion. In the following year 2006, a visible increase in the sales was recorded as 18.9 % where the sales rose to $.661 billion. In 2007, $.881 billion sales were reported with 33.3% increase from the previous year. Following 2007, in the year 2008, there was comparatively little increment. The sales were accounted to be $.859 billion with the decrease in percentage by 2.5%. In the next year, in 2009, the sales on this day were reported as $.854 billion with the percentage decreasing to 0.6%. The successive year, i.e., 2010 saw an increase in the sales with net $.954 billion where the percentage was boosted to 11.7%. The next year 2011 also reported $ 1.133 billion sales with the revenue incremented by 18.8%. In 2012, the listed sales generated a revenue of worth $1.275 billion with 12.5% increase as compared to the previous year. In the next year 2013, the reported sales were $1.401 billion with profit 9.9%. The next year listed the sales generating $1.615 billion where the percentage grew as compared to the preceding year. The percentage thus recorded in 2014 was 15.1%. Following 2014, there was a decline in the sales with the percentage dropping to –12.8%, the sales’ worth was $1.408 billion. The next year proved to be fruitful in generating the sales and increasing the percentage. The net revenue listed on this day rose to $1.621 billion with 15.1% increase then the preceding year.

Naming the Day

One might wonder how the second Monday of December got the name? So here is your answer for which you have to travel a little back in time. Back in 2007, eBay declared that its busiest and one of the most occupied day was the second Monday in December. At that time, this was the deadline for the purchasers to buy their gifts online. These gifts were to be shipped to the destined places by Christmas. Owing to this record, eBay labeled their busiest day as Green Monday. Moreover, besides this, there are two more reasons. One that green signified revenue and profit for the company, and second, eBay online market is environment-friendly and less consuming than brick and mortar stores.

However, this day is not the busiest day now because of the sales last throughout the week and more. With leading online stores such as Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart and more, you can purchase a variety of products until Christmas and have them at your doorstep in a limited amount of time. There is no denial of the fact that this day is a favorable day of a good bargain, so make sure to get the most out of it! The sales range from fifty to ninety percent off than the regular prices.

Looking for the sales and exciting offers is no big task, just search for the online stores and look for the favorable deals. Grab the ones you are looking for and enjoy the least rates.


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