Why are there Labeling Requirements on Packaging in the US

22 Sep, 2020

Packaging is closely associated with the business, and it has recently become the backbone of these products-based businesses in the market for many reasons. Your business cannot flourish in the market if you do not use the correct packaging type for your products. Furthermore, many rules and regulations are also made by the Government to make it a standardized entity with the help of business owners. There is an international standard to check the quality of packing as well as the quality of the products. And when we talk specifically about the USA, we find some federal labeling requirements on the packaging, which we need to fulfill to continue our business in the market. But before that, we need to understand what this packaging or labeling requirement deals with and why they are necessary to behold.   

What is Meant by the Labeling Requirements?

If you are a business owner, you must be aware of the use of labels in the packaging market for different products. Suppose you are a newbie in the file. In that case, we want to tell told that a label is a small or big piece of paper that is placed in cardboard, plastic, or any other type of packaging to define some basic information about, manufacturing date, expiry date if applicable, ingredients use in the products, how to use it, what are the possible side effects and what is the composition of the products.

All this information is mentioned on the labels to make it more regulated. For the customer's safety, the USA govt makes a law that defines which essential information should be printed on the labels. These official requirements are given below. 

  • The first requirement is to print the name of the company and which region these products are made with the company's address. 

  • A clear and cut, more visible font to show the net weight of the products 

  • What is the raw material or ingredients of the products you used to make it? 

  • A digital barcode or any other source of identity. 

  • You must add the packaging label in English only.

  • If you used any synthetic or chemical material, you used to make your products. 

These fundamental requirements are demanded by each product generically and are considered an essential packaging rule for all companies. And suppose you violate any of the terms of the packaging label. In that case, your products may be seized or not allowed to enter the USA. 

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Industry-Based Labeling Packaging Requirements 

Now the second phase of packaging labeling makes it more precise and to the point by defining the different industries and their products. First, rules are defined for generic products. Still, some of the industries' products need to be tackled with more care and attention, such as food items and products in the medical industry, pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, etc. Hence, the USA govt also defines specific rules for particular trade comedies as per the sensitivity or impact of those products on human life.

Skincare packaging - packaging provides information

And let's talk about the food industry. You must add the following requirements on your packaging labels to ensure that you are bringing the right thing inside the USA or producing the right products inside the USA. 

  • All other requirements which are mentions retailer, identity, name, address, ingredients, expiry, manufacturing, etc 

  • But two more essential things specially added for food are nutritional values and any allergic food material, or any specific things unsuitable for different kinds of patients like hearts and sugar.

These are requirements for the food labels, and some small variations come when you change the variety of the products. Now a question arises: why do these custom shipping boxes need these custom labels and why does the USA government use them so much for each business. 

Why is a Label Required in USA Packaging?

Actually, these labels are a smart move to keep an eye on the standards inside the USA and the products manufactured by the local producers. A government is always interested in knowing what is coming inside and ensuring that only a quality product is provided to the country's people. This product labels information can help a lot to get standardized product production in the country. 

The second reason for these strict labeling rules is to ensure that customers must be aware of what he is heating, like different kinds of patients who are allergic to some food items or any other problem they may have if they engulf these unknown chemicals due to the lack of information. 

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Where Can You Find These Rules and Regulations for Labeling?

The Government announces these rules based on the need and changes in the industry. It publishes the rules after completing the homework of the market. You can find the following websites. 

  1. is a website for the federal trade commission, which can inform you about the detailed descriptions of primary rules and regulations for the food industry. 

  2. FDA is another institute that describes all details you must need for food and drug labeling; here is the website link

Where Can You Get These Labels in Bulk?

Now another problem comes when you have hundreds of boxes, then you must need these labels in a hundred but don’t worry. You can use the online printing services of many packaging companies in the country, providing you with all kinds of labels and other packaging needs in a single call. 

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