The New Entrant In Vaping World CBD and THC Vape Cartridges

14 Nov, 2020

If you haven’t been living under the rock, you would know about the whirlwind trend that vaping has created. The combination of tech and simplicity is overturning the flourishing industry of hemp and marijuana. We were pretty shook how this small vape cartridge packaging with a combination of metal, plastic, and glass has become the perfect replacement for cigarettes for people who want to quit. 

These vape cartridges range from $40 to $80, depending on which oil you are savoring, and is incredibly easy to carry. To be honest, your drill is to screw the cartridge into the pen/device and inhale, that’s it. These devices are gaining immense popularity in California and the rest of the United States. In states like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, cannabis has become legal and is showing massive growth. 

If we look for a connection for this high-end growth trend, convenience is the ultimate trend. For people who have seen traditional buds, they would know how it demands extensive preparation, so you know the prime reason behind this growth (rolling the joints, you know?). In addition to cannabis oil and concentrates, pre-rolled edibles are increasing in demand and popularity as well. 

Other than simplicity and convenience, cartridges are travel-friendly and reasonably priced. Also, cannabis oil promises minimal to zero smell or smoke clouds. For now, the industry earns millions of dollars but more vibrant colors are on the way since the market is expanding. Also, vaping is easing the consumption of cannabis without compromising on health standards. 

The vaping promises discreet puffing (the ultimate catch, right?). According to BDS Analytics and market research, cannabis concentrate sales will flourish higher in the forthcoming five years. Again, the reason lies in zero need to grind the weed and roll it into the joints. Even more, these joints capture unwanted attention which makes vape cartridges a discreet and convenient choice. 

Above all, the vaping beginners don’t have sufficient knowledge in this niche that can directly impact the experience and even the health. So, in this article, we are sharing a complete guide on vape cartridges! 

Vape Cartridges – What Are These?

Initiating the vaping journey might sound enticing but it stays the same if you have sufficient information. To begin with, the vape cartridges are usually curated with the 510 thread that can be screwed into the battery that’s suitable for the threading. As for the 510 value, it determines the size and you don’t have to be confused since the size limits are pretty tight.

The majority of carts and batteries are threaded to suit 510. This means that you can use any vape cartridge for screwing as long as you have a battery on hand. In the case of devices like bloom farms highlighter, the battery and charger are added for free. On the other hand, these batteries and chargers can be bought from online hardware stores and smoke shops (pretty inexpensive, around $20). 

For people wondering about the exceptions with 510 threads, some brands create their own hardware which means they can be different from 510 carts. For instance, PAX is already following this lead and is famous as the apple of weed. They are responsible for designing and manufacturing smooth vaporizers curated with high-end temperature adjustments that have become a holy-grail for vapers. 

On the other hand, you might need to invest in the era pods as long as you are in the cannabis-legal state. Keep in mind that such products will be more expensive, although the value will be incremented. 

Disposable Vape Pens

Sure, there are durable vape pens out there but what about the disposable one? Are they available? Are they any good? So, yes, disposable vape pens are available with which you don’t need to charge the battery or screw the cartridge into the battery at all. These vape pens are usually charged beforehand that last until the cannabis concentrate lasts (around 0.5g cannabis concentrate is available).

For people who want to get conveniently high, disposable vape pens are the ultimate steals and make a great choice for tourists or people who vape occasionally. For instance, the Weekender is designed with 0.3g cannabis oil which is a perfect way to party by getting high on an occasional basis. However, there are obvious downsides to it. 

This is because these disposable vape pens add to the waste since you vape and dump it in the trash. With this being, if you are conscious about environmental safety and hazards, these disposable vape pens are a no-go. 

Types of Vape Cartridges 

While you are out shopping for the vape oil cartridge, there are multiple options and CO2 is one of them. On average, these vape cartridges differ from each other based on potency, taste, and the production method of the hash oil. In the section below, we are sharing the various types of vape cartridges box packaging 

1) CO2


This is the most common concentrate cartridge out there that’s made with CO2 oil. CO2 oil is basically dependent on the extraction method where CO2 is used as a solvent and has become the most popular choice for vaping. Its popularity lies in the way it retains the original flavor of the strain. 

2) Distillate Cartridges 


This is the second most popular cartridge type. To be honest, this is a new addition to the market with the potent outlook of cannabis. These distillate cartridges are made through the winterized concentrates. These concentrates often include BHO or CO2 which are cooled down at low temperatures. Once cooled down, they are distilled and concentrated with THC. 

For instance, you can design a 75% THC component in the hash oil and transform it into 95% THC which makes it a fine choice for patients who need strong medication. Also, it’s suitable for frequent vapers. As far as the price tag is concerned, it can be expensive since it has higher purity and strength standards, leading to incremented production times. 

3) Live Resin 


This might be the new vape cartridge out there but it’s emerging like crazy. However, these live resin cartridges can be strong for some people since it delivers the full cannabis flavor. Also, this highly-concentrated flavor is the foundation of expensive price tags and rarity. Live resin is designed through the flash freezing of fresh and raw cannabis which is later made into the BHO or CO2 extracts. 

The prime reason for this method is that it helps preserve the flavor and terpene of cannabis since other methods destroy the terpenes (during curing and drying). With this being said, live resin is the highly-concentrated yet the most favored way of enjoying cannabis. 

Strain-Specific Cartridges Are High In Market 

These cartridges are curating the popular trend with which the strain is infused with terpenes. In addition, oil is also infused in terpenes to ensure better flavor and enhancement of the viscosity. Usually, the terpenes are burnt and destroyed during the extraction which can lose the flavor. However, when terpenes are re-added to the oil, the ultimate flavor is harnessed. 

Also, the viscosity helps with the high-end functionality of vaping. Consequently, some products have linalool infusion that curates the lavender flavor, hence the relaxing experience. In contrast, there is a fair share of downsides adhered to. To begin with, the taste might be too artificial (candy, fruit, or soap, it can be anything but true plant flavor). 

In addition, some companies use food-grade terpenes rather than terpenes extracted from cannabis which can adversely impact the flavor and aroma. In this case, we suggest reading the vape cartridge packaging properly before making the final call. Above all, the vape cartridges are being designed for specific purposes. 

For instance, the Sativa concentrate in cartridges is famous for daytime usage while Indian cartridges are famous for nighttime usage. These labels are in fact beneficial for consumers who want to harness specific effects. This is because the fancy names are not going to share enough information about the outcome, hence a poor decision and experience. 

CBD Vape Pens & Cartridges – The New Power Couple

The disposable pens and vape cartridges don’t have a high THC count. This is the fundamental reason that vape cartridges with CBD to THC ratios are becoming popular in the legal states; for both recreational and medicinal purposes, both. In the case of dispensaries and medicinal purposes, 1:1 CBD to THC cartridges is increasing in demand for better prevalence. 

Furthermore, rations like 20:1, 3:1, and 10:1 are not intoxicating which means they won’t create a high effect. Also, there is incremental popularity of the hemp-derived vapes cartridges and pens around the legal countries and states. For instance, the high-end cannabis brands, such as Wildflower, Select, and Beboe are designing and manufacturing the CBD product version. 

These products are available on a national scale. Similarly, the CBD brands with hemp derivation are creating the CBD vape oils for the refillable tanks. Sure, they are not as convenient as disposable pens but they are on an affordable scale. 

The Right Way of Using The Vape Pens 

For the long-time and “expert” vapers, this section might sound oblivious but the majority of beginners tend to get overwhelmed and intimidated by the first vape pen (yes, they don’t know how to use it the right way). So, if you are unboxing the first vape pen and considering what to do next, we are here to help!

First of all, you need to screw the pen and plug in the USB to some power source. Also, connect the vape cartridge to the battery (yes, you need to screw in the cartridge into the battery after one full charge). Once it’s charged, switch it on by pressing the button five times. Now, you need to find and set the correct temperature. 

As a first-time user, we suggest using the low-temperature setting. In case your vape has a button, press it three times and the temperature will be changed. Usually, the temperature is indicated by colors, such as blue for medium, green for low, and red for high. Once you’ve set the temperature, just press the buttons and start inhaling. However, we suggest starting with small puffs because you aren’t smoking the joint!

The Right Temperature For The Battery – The Ultimate Guide

Believe it or not, finding out the right temperature for vape and battery is highly integral since it’s personal preferences. One needs to acknowledge the fact that there are multiple variants of terpenes and cannabinoids and all of them evaporate at different temperatures. With this being said, every vape cartridge has a different ideal temperature. 

If you opt for tech-savvy batteries, they are capable of lining out the ideal temperature through the measurement of viscosity and pulse. Similarly, some batteries inhibit the temperature adjustment as the temperatures are set in. To be honest, the correct temperature depends on the person’s needs and personal preferences. But again, we suggest starting out with a low temperature because you can always increase it as per the preferences and needs. 

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Buying The Vape Cartridges

So, wherever you go, people are inhaling the vape pens and have pockets filled with cartridges and you wonder, “where do they buy these cartridges from?” Well, in case you are in the legal state, the vape cartridges are readily available at the dispensaries (the states like Washington and California). However, the trends are a bit different for medicinal uses. 

For instance, the states like Florida and New York have devised state laws for the medicinal use of cannabis which means the vape cartridges are available only for the medical patients out there. On the other hand, the black market dealers will provide the vape cartridges irrespective of your location which was also covered by the High Maintenance series. 

Again, if you aren’t sure what type of vape cartridge you should invest in, we suggest discussing your preferences and needs with the dealer or budtender and they will recommend the right product. 

The Battery Intricacies

The majority of vapes are designed with batteries, of course and you have even connected the cartridge to the battery, but what’s next? To begin with, you need to ensure that batteries are fully charged (it can be determined through the LED lights). Also, you need to activate the vape, either by pressing the button five times or inhaling it (depends on the model). 

Also, when you inhale, be sure to keep it all in for around three to five seconds because it creates a more effective experience. After these seconds, you can easily exhale. Lastly, you will need to recharge the battery after regular intervals and keep the cartridge full to ensure you are experiencing the ultimate flavor and power of oil. 

Charging the battery is important because when the battery is low, the vape won’t vaporize the oil effectively and efficiently that can reduce the effectiveness. Also, if the cartridge is low or empty on oil, it will hit you harder. Lastly, make sure that you have multiple vape cartridges at hand and keep switching them. This is because all of them have varied taste profiles, so you will have an apparently better taste. 

Wattage of Vaping The CBD Cartridges 

First things first, the CBD has a low boiling point as compared to other cannabinoids. With this being said, if you vape the CBD oil at extremely high wattage, it will result in the oil scorching, hence the burning effect. In the case of adjustable wattage configuration on the vaping device, we suggest starting with ten watts and increasing the power when you find a suitable hit. 

Again, never exceed the 30 watts value because it will burn the oil. The majority of CBD vapes are designed with ideal temperature and wattage. Also, they don’t have adjustable wattage for a reason, so you can harness the effective experience. Okay, we understand that you want to have freedom of choice, but believe us, you don’t want to feel the burnt CBD oil taste in your mouth. 

Finding The Right Wattage 

The general rule of thumb is that higher wattage on the CBD device will lead to higher vapor production (yes, they are directly proportional). In the same way, the overall flavor and taste differ with the variation in wattage which means you might like a certain wattage, based on the taste and flavor it leaves in your mouth. 

On the other hand, the high wattage will adversely impact the throat because the taste becomes undesirable. The majority of vapes get the feel of harsh hits and they like it, but stay safe as you don’t want to hurt the throat. With this being said, we suggest opting for the high-quality CBD extracts, such as organic distillates because it promises throat and lung protection, irrespective of the wattage. 

The Lifecycle of CBD Vapes Cartridge 

Obviously, when people invest high amounts in CBD vape cartridges, they want to get something that promises durability and longer value time. So, the lifecycle of the vape cartridge mainly depends on multiple factors that we have defined below;

1) Size Of The Vape Cartridge 

There are various size options in vape cartridges. Usually, the one gram sizes are used since it’s the standard but some of the range in the containment of 0.5g or 1.5g. So, if the concentrate value is higher in the cartridge, it’s obviously going to last longer. There are additional factors that determine the lifecycle of the vape cartridge that we are sharing below. 

2) Wattage 

When you use the higher wattage count in the vape device, the vapor dispersion will be higher with each puff. In the same way, the low wattage value will result in the long lifecycle of the vape cartridge, but in some cases, it can adversely impact the effectiveness of the hit. With this being said, the extremely high wattage can also result in a burning sensation, so it’s fine to find the middle ground that promises suitable taste and life. 

3) Size of Hits

For everyone who likes to take long and huge puffs with the vape device, keep in mind that the vape cartridge will last for very little time. On the other hand, the small hit will preserve the oil, hence the long lifecycle of the vape cartridge. To be honest, the smaller dosage will create a lasting life and power. 

4) Usage Per Day 

Do you live in the vapor cloud all day long? Or do you just puff once in the morning and once at night? This matters because the usage per day will directly influence how long the vape cartridge will last. With this being said, the CBD cartridge will last longer if you vape less. 

5) Refilling The Vape Cartridge 


Sure, the thought of refilling the vape cartridge sounds messy and troublesome, and let us tell you that you aren’t alone in this part. To be honest, when you have to refill the vape cartridge, you need to design a controlled environment because CBD can quickly react with materials, hence the contamination. 

However, we would also like to outline that refilling the cartridges should be avoided. However, if you are too determined to experience the curation of oil into the vape and vaping it, opt for the dab pen. This is because they can easily fit in the pocket and work as the dabber. However, the effectiveness and workability of the dab pens are not as good. 

6) Refillable Vs. Disposable CBD Vape Cartridges

The refillable CBD vape cartridges are basically designed to take up the dab pens and lead to the expansion. This is because when you have to infuse oil into the vape cartridge through the tiny hole, it’s going to be your worst nightmare. With this being said, the refillable vape cartridges are unable to serve the convenience that everyone is a fan of. 

However, disposable vape cartridges are adding to waste. But again, the world is moving toward a sustainable future which is the prime reason that vape manufacturers are working on creating the technology that recycles the waste without compromising on the convenience that every vaper wants to count on. 

7) Picking The Best Vape Cartridge 

Sure, you might be an expert on CBD and vape cartridges but how do you find the right vape cartridge that promises effectiveness without sacrificing the health standards. In the section, we are sharing some factors through which you can find the safe and effective vape cartridge, so have a look!

8) Lab Tests

When it comes down to the CBD vape cartridges, you need to be extremely mindful of the user because it will depict if the product is safe to use. So, make sure the CBD vape cartridge has an independent and genuine lab report. In some cases, they might offer third-party lab reports but keep in mind that it must comply with the regulations and standards. 

9) Customer Reviews

People before you have experimented a great deal with certain vape cartridges and it’s best to learn from someone else’s experience. With this being said, you need to read the online reviews and collect in-person referrals before buying a certain vape cartridge. Once you have the recommendations and reviews, weigh the pros and cons of yourself to make an informed and practical choice. 

10) Price

In previous times, this vaping and CBD industry was unstable which means that CBD producers were charging the money they desired because the demand was increasing with each passing day. In simpler words, there was an undeniable monopoly but the industry has now stabilized. With this being said, CBD hemp cannot be charged the “desired” cost because THC is here to make a mark as well. 

Consequently, the price of CBD vape cartridges should be approximately similar to that of THC vape cartridges. For instance, the CBD vape cartridge will cost around $45 to $60 which is pretty less than the price that was being charged before. Even more, the vape cartridges with live resin extract or organic content might be more expensive but it promises better value for money.

The Pros Of Using CBD Vape Cartridges 

1) Potency

When it comes down to the CBD and THC vape cartridges, they tend to have a higher potency as compared to smoking. This is mainly because the inculcation of vaporizer helps reduce the temperature which is sufficient enough to change the cannabinoids from solid or liquid content into gas and vapors. Also, the temperature helps preserve the active ingredients of marijuana. 

With this being said, it will get the users high and create a good experience. On the other hand, when these ingredients are burnt, the effectiveness is dissolved. However, cannabinoids can be easily transformed at a low temperature. With this being said, the higher temperature and heat will destroy the terpenes and cannabinoids that you so want to inhale. 

So, this is when the vape devices and pens will help because they operate at a low temperature. In addition, they don’t bug people with smoke since they don’t burn, instead, they produce vapors which is the result of vaporization. It’s pretty clear that it promises better value for the money. Also, all of these benefits are hauled through discreet and sleek devices and you don’t even need to carry the tools. 

2) Convenient Usage 

Everyone just wants to get the marijuana and hemp in their system and the method probably doesn’t matter to them. For instance, there are pills, tinctures, and dissolvable strips, along with creams that can seamlessly enter your body. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the use of CBD vape cartridges, you need to answer a few questions, such as;

  • Are you sure you can screw the battery and cartridges?

  • Can you push the buttons correctly?

  • Can you properly inhale?

In case you nodded to all these questions, using the CBD vape cartridge will be the easiest choice out there. 

3) Portability 

To be honest, there can be nothing more portable than the CBD vape cartridges. This is mainly because you can throw in the cartridge in your pant’s pocket or the side of the handbag and you will be good to go. This is because you don’t have to worry about lids since they can come off, you don’t have to worry about baggies that can spill. In simpler words, there will be zero mess and fuss. 

4) Dosing

When it comes down to the THC or CBD, one needs to be extremely intricate with the product usage and dosage because a bad trip will be bad for the user. So, when you are using the CBD and THC vape cartridges, you will get the controlled dose with inhalation. For instance, when the color is vibrant, put away the device and let the edge go dull.  

With this being said, you can easily inhale the THC or CBD vape cartridge which is not possible with the joint, right?

5) Discreetness 

When you are smoking bongs and joints that burn the ingredients, you will always be conscious of the smell and smoke which is anything but discreetness. With this being said, you obviously cannot smoke the joint in public places, homes, or even offices. On the other hand, the vape cartridge screwed in the vape device will not address attention.

That’s to say because there is nary odor or smell since everything is contained in the device. Therefore, you never have to disclose that you are smoking THC or CBD to the people around you. In other words, you can always say that you are trying to quit smoking. So, if you want to inhale these components, just opt for these cartridges and you are good to go!

The Cons of Using CBD Vape Cartridges 

Obviously, nothing is permanent and neither is a CBD vape cartridge. With this being said, there are some downsides adhered to the  CBD vape cartridges, such as;

1) Science

If we look at the long-term or bigger picture of the CBD vape cartridges, no one is fully confident about this science. Not so long ago, everyone was calling cannabis the ultimate devil but the time (and science) revealed the bright colors of the plant, so fingers crossed!

2) Terpene Count 

The THC and CBD vape cartridges usually have a low terpene count as compared to the raw flower. This is a similar case with other concentrates, so the marijuana lovers might not feel the same with these cartridges, hence smoking the bud is the last resort for them. 

3) The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that one must surely try the CBD and THC vape cartridge because it’s always best to try new entrants in the cannabis world, and to be honest, you have nothing to lose either. But again, before you invest your wage into the vape cartridge, hit up the budtender or a vaper friend, so you can make an informed choice. 

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