The Best Places to Buy Customized Cake Boxes in New York

07 Apr, 2020

Custom cake boxes do not only offer a great means to carry your cakes but also makes them very appealing.  Research has shown that most people buy cakes because of the attractive boxes. Custom cake boxes make your cake special, especially when gifting it to someone. An eye-catching cake box sparkle nice moods during celebrations.

Quality printed cake boxes give an extraordinary means for unveiling cakes primarily for exceptional occasions or events. They make a cake easy to handle and play a major role in transporting prepared ones to customers. During transport, it is easier to stack many cakes inside a vehicle saving the entrepreneur some cost.

Proficient box makers provide you with an opportunity of crafting a peculiar custom design including embedded messages, logos or quotes. Attractive illustrations usually lure customers into buying items.
Materials used in making cake boxes are eco-friendly. These boxes are made of kraft material which is easily disposable after use as well as degradable. As much as it provides a nice attractive scenario it as well keeps the natural environment clean and cushions it from pollution.

The biggest benefit of custom cake boxes comes during the marketing of your products. The box adds value to your cake and attracts clients through stunning adverts.

Consider this When Buying Cake Boxes

  • Materials used for making the boxes. Hygienic substances should be used to make the packaging boxes. Custom cake boxes come in different designs and sizes which are mostly made from cardboard. They are readily available and affordable for wholesale and retail.
  • Ensure durability. Cake boxes should be able to maintain the state of contents inside during transportation. Not only is it annoying to deliver a damaged cake but it tarnishes the business brand.
  • The size and shape of the box. The ideal cake box should be a little larger than the cake itself. This leaves some space for decorations and toppings. A small box will shatter your cake and if its large the cake will be unstable. A flawless box should be typically 1 inch larger than the cake on all sides. Some boxes are designed to hold specifically shaped cakes, like heart-shaped cakes. 
  • The Uniqueness of the box. Considering the savage competition in the market today, your business needs to be distinctive from the rest. The first impression your business gives to the customer matters the most and this is rooted in the packaging of your products. A box with a logo and contact information will play a major role in marketing the business than a plain box.
  • It is also very important to consider the price of the custom boxes. If the boxes are very expensive, it will also shift the price of your cakes which may cause huge losses. You should consider buying wholesale depending on the size and needs of the business.
  • The packaging design matters the most. Besides having the right size and shape, the design is the most important of all. Easily portable packages will mostly attract customers. For example, some boxes have handles which makes it easier to carry. A beautiful and friendly design of the cake boxes charms customers over to your business even before they have a real taste of the cakes.

NY Cake Line, All Baking Requirements at one go!

N.Y cake universal brands company provides all the tools needed to bake, decorate and package cakes. It offers tutorials, ingredients, recipes, and videos online. The best part of their kitchen is innovation, they offer new products and supplies continuously such as mats and cake pans. The company products are sub-divided into different categories.

  • Holiday and special occasions boxes and products. These are boxes and designed for a specific holiday and special day. Some examples are Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, baby shower, Easter, valentine’s day, weddings and anniversaries.
  • Cake baking equipment and pans. They include cake pans of different shapes, rolling pins, brushes, zesters, scrapers, turntables, stencils, cake rings, and cookie sheets.
  • Boards, dummies and boxes such as cake boxes, cake dummies, cardboard, foam core boards, and foil-covered cake boards.
  • The fondant and Gum paste category provides supplies such as ingredients, fondant silicone molds, impression mats, gum paste, and decorations.
  • Cookie, candy and chocolate supplies category is involved in tasks and services such as candy packaging, cookie supplies, cookie sugars, sprinkles, and real chocolate coating.

After placing an online order, they offer free delivery for orders above 99 dollars at your doorstep in the US. You can also pick up your order the same day at their warehouse if you live near Yonkers. The warehouse is always open from Monday to Friday.

Get Custom Printed Boxes From We Custom Boxes

The company specializes in producing super custom boxes. They have a team of specialists with experience and numerous skills in the production of customized cake boxes in New York. They design custom boxes based on client specifications and requirements to give out their best.

Why You Should Get Custom Boxes From we Custom Boxes

They provide effective bulk needs. The company provides real-time production of custom boxes in large quantities. Clients who buy in wholesale have nothing to worry about because their needs are covered in no time as well as maintaining the quality.

  • A workforce of professionals in design ensures boxes are custom according to your needs as well as being modernized. Skills and experience are the core of understanding the packaging needs of customers, which they have in plenty.
  • The boxes are made of high-quality materials. The company has set some standard levels of materials they use in making their boxes. Long-lasting materials are the best choice in making quality boxes which will give you the value of your money back. At no level does the company compromise the choice of material for efficiency.
  • Digital printing machines ensure the satisfaction of all customer printing requirements. The company is among the leading printed box suppliers in New York. Branding requirements such as your company logo, product description, and information are done with high quality and durable ink.

Charges for these services highly depend upon the quantity and quality of the customized packaging boxes. In addition, the company offers free shipping, free designing and delivering.

Cupcake and Bakery Boxes Plus Free Shipping

The BRP Box shop is among the leading producers of customized cake boxes in New York. Design and manufacture custom boxes and ship them to their customers for free.
The following are the main types of customized boxes produced by the company.


  • Cake boxes such as pink cake boxes, sheet cake boxes, white cake boxes, and diamond blue cake boxes.
  • Bakery boxes, for example, cake pop boxes, pastry boxes, pie slice boxes, donut boxes, candy apple boxes, and pie boxes.
  • Cupcake boxes and other accessories like cupcake liners, cupcake stands, red cupcake boxes, white cupcake boxes, cupcake inserts, and jumbo cupcake boxes.
  • Candy boxes 
  • All types of Bags including cookie bags, tin tie bags, glassine bags, paper treat bags, cookie bags, and paper shopping bags.
  • Customer box pics
  • Cake pops and cake balls boxes
  • Macaron boxes
  • Cookie boxes plus grease resistant cookie cards, macron trays and chocolate covered OREO boxes.
  • Favors such as favor labels, favor stickers, greaseproof paper.

The company gives its customers advanced services like giving out samples. You get a chance to try out their samples before buying custom cake boxes in bulk from them. It also offers clear communication on closeouts, that is the brands that have been discontinued.

Paper Mart Bakery Boxes

Paper mart is a company dedicated to satisfying all their client needs with its diverse choices of custom cake boxes. The boxes come in different shapes and sizes as well as diverse colors such as pink, natural kraft, and white. Bakery boxes for desserts are in special designs for different occasions. 

These include;

  • Boxes with handles 
  • Automatic pop-up boxes
  • Scallop top boxes
  • Donut and cookie boxes
  • Boxes with windows

Some Special Designs of Bakery Boxes Crafted Just For You are;

  • Bi-colored cookie box with a square window
  • Standard white cake and pastry boxes
  • Cupcake boxes and inserts
  • White matte premium auto-popup bakery boxes
  • Scallop top bakery boxes
  • Premium white automatic boxes
  • Small white easy set-up pastry boxes
  • Window pastry carry boxes
  • Bakery drums and circles
  • Bakers Twine

Other extra products and services are the custom print studio, custom labels, ribbons, gift wrap, tins, bags, site map, wholesale and custom quotes. The best part of their deals is that they offer room for return and exchange, low prices as well as free shipment and delivery for your customized cake boxes in New York. Shopping at paper mart ensures perfect presentation of your cakes and clients always coming back for a treat!

NY Cake Line, Paper Mart, We Custom Cake Boxes and BRP Box shop are among the best manufacturers and suppliers of custom boxes and packages. If you are thinking of the ideal destination to get customized boxes then these are the ideal places for the services either wholesale of small quantities.

Author - David Marsh

David is a Marketing Specialists and Writer who is Currently Working for WeCustomBoxes. David content relates to a range of material such as WCB and marketing.

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