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04 Aug, 2021

What is Kraft?

Kraft is a very much interesting material used for packaging for a very long time, in the earliest time the brown color of the material was a  reason to differentiate it from the number of other useful materials in the market. The distinct brown color with the very sturdy nature makes it the most suitable thing for the boxes to maintain all the features which are helpful in conquering the competitive market of different products.

Packaging plays a very important role in keeping the business to be a part of the market competition, engage the customers, enhance their interest and offer them the products in very effective ways. Now the packaging is not only used to keep the products safe but for the other number of reasons which is mentioned above to get the intended audience of the relevant products. And luckily the kraft is the best feasible material to catch all the details which are asked by the buyers of the respective product and even support those features as well as which could help to boost your business revenue. 

Which Packaging Industry is the Best Option For Kraft Boxes?

The WeCustomBoxes is offering all ranges of small kraft paper boxes wholesale to all the larger sizes as per your needs and demand. The one distinct fact about the WCB is that we are in the market for the last ten years, we know how this material was used in the market years ago and how the market is asking for the change in a lot of things, so basically you are going to find the amalgam of the back old day’s boxes and modern needs of the market in the packaging world, which makes us one of the unique names of the market, our experience made us superior because we know how to make your brand one of the best and authoritative corporates of the market so you could lead them to success.

You are going to get all types of kraft colored boxes, which means we have acquired all the latest technology to dye the brown color of the kraft material into the color of your choice, and you could avail this awesome opportunity to add more color to your boxes or packaging which will surrey loved by your regular customers. You may differentiate your products on the basis of the color scheme or you could attract a larger number of customers by using the unique color for your packaging all with the help of the creative and experienced experts we have onboard. 

Kraft Is All About the Packaging 

The kraft material is already discussed a lot in the introduction but here we are going to let you know what kind of kraft material is offered by the WCB. The WeCustomBoxes offer one of the premium quality kraft materials which ensure the maximum level of safety and also meet all the national and international standards of the packaging in the world.

And you are going to get this at very affordable prices. These kinds of material are only offered by the reputed name of the market otherwise other packaging companies prefer low-quality kraft material to enhance their profit in the orders but our first and last priority is to offer you one of the best levels of packaging that’s why we do not compromise on the quality of the material in the boxes.  

Such as 3x4x4 kraft gift boxes are one of the best examples of how you could get one of your desired sizes at a premium level of the quality in the boxes. 

Here’s a quick look –

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1) Every Size as Per Your Desire 

If you are a business owner who deals with a number of products, then you must be aware of the importance and difficulty of finding all the desired packaging at once, but now this difficulty level is made easy for the business person by the WCB. We are offering a multi-layer system that provides you all types of packaging needs at one palace. Now you could avail all kinds of packing whether y8ou are looking for the shape, color or design, else you need smaller or larger size everything you could easily acquire using the prestigious name of the market known as the WCB. You will be offered kraft gable boxes, which are made as per your demands of all sizes, create shapes, and attractive colors. 

2) Diverse Type of Boxes with The Best Designs 

The WCB has read the demands of the market about the more specific demands, that’s why we have launched the option of customization. Now you do not need to follow the patterns defined by us, but you will be the guiding light and design about the boxes you are going to use for your packaging, so you will let us know what your products are and what kind of features you want to include in your boxes. 

You could avail all types of boxes such as bulk brown kraft boxes which are offered with the complete support of the best material in the market, the creative designs, which are made with the help of the latest computer-aided software and also with the best printing options in high resolutions so your buyers could get the feel of the all about quality. If you are able to depict the sense of the quality through your boxes, you may convince the customers easily about the quality of the products which are packed inside the box. The printed kraft boxes could do wonders for you in the market, and you could get very positive results in the form of more engagement and better sales. 

3) WCB Offers the Best Kraft Soap Packaging 

We offer all kinds of products packaging in the market and if we get to be specific then you may collect one of the best solutions of the market in the soap packaging, and in which the special editions are offered in kraft soap boxes packaging for handmade soap which is also featured with the all the possible feature from the customization including in the design, color and shape of the boxes.

The handmade soap could only be sold in the boxes which could market these products in more alluring ways, and WCB offers all ranges of the kraft soap boxes wholesale which are made with the extra care as per the need of the products. So you could boost your business in very effective ways, no matter whether you are new in the market and yet your startup is not known by most of the people in the market or you are the giant of the market who is well recognized, in both cases you are going to get the benefits.

4) The More Creative Shape with The Custom Printings  

The shape of the box offers a more appealing reason to the customers to purchase your products, the more creative options are offered by the customers in the market such as kraft boxes with lids are made with the idea of keeping the products covered with the help of the lid, the lid could be attached to the box or you could avail the separate lid for containers, these could be in the natural brown color of the kraft or you could print them with your desired color combination, also you could avail these boxes with the custom printed designs which are made by the WCB. 

Another very attractive shape is kraft pillow boxes wholesale which are made in the shape of the pillow, mostly used to cater to the needs of the small products and seems very attractive in the rough and tough color of the brown material.  These pillow boxes are also available in a range of sizes, printing with the special designs or you could avail them in the acute brown color of the kraft. Also, you may avail creative ideas of the kraft gable boxes wholesale which are offered at very adorable prices either in one color or maybe in multiple color combinations. These boxes could be used for many reasons such as bakery products, medicines or as per your choice. 

5) We Offer Low-Cost Environment-Friendly Boxes for You

The WCB is well aware of the harm and damage were done by the plastic and other non-biodegradable material which are used for the packaging, so that’s why we are offering eco-friendly boxes, which are all made with the material comes from all the organic sources, such as cardboard, kraft, paperboard is used to make these boxes. The organic source is the environment itself, like leaves, husk, roots, rotten stems, and all other organic wastes which may not produce any harmful chemical while depleting, and easily go back to their origin point when we dispose of these boxes.

There are two benefits of using these types of material for the packaging, the first is you are filling your responsibility towards the environment and adding value by keeping it safe for the upcoming generation and the second benefit is that there are hundreds of buyers in the market who are more concerned about the harmful effects of the packaging or boxes, so they prefer to buy products in these boxes, which means that you have a complete pool of audience which could be accessed only through the usage of the eco-friendly boxes. So these boxes could help you to increase your sales very easily. 

Also, these boxes have a third reason which is bigger than from the last two is about the cost, these boxes are low cost and more effective than any other repackaging in the market.  You could even avail yourself of eco-friendly kraft shipping boxes which are made with the extra layer to make them safer. Also, you may again save your cost for these boxes by recycling them.

Last words: Special Perks by the WCB 

WCB values its customers, and always keep eye on the latest advancement in the market, we are offering the best boxes with the latest features for your all kinds of needs, all these ideas are implemented with the help of our professional staff in all three departments, such as customer care team, who are well aware of all the thick and thin of the packaging and could help you to reach your desired solution in few questions. The company is also backed by expert designers who have very distinct skills backed by the latest software to add more value to their work, they could suggest the sale-winning ideas related to your business and product’s needs. You could easily reach them if you think you need a very custom design for your boxes.

We know the current ongoing situation on the market due to pandemic, and we are also aware of the financial problems faced by all the businesses in the market, that’s why we are offering free of cost shipping for all range of orders to your doorstep, backed by the support of the free design which means you could get your design done till your feel satisfied, either you could choose them from our biggest design catalog or you could ask our designers to make it for you on your custom desires.  

Also, you will be provided with free-of-cost after-sales services, which means that you will be able to get full support even after the delivery of the orders. And if you are capable of buying these boxes in the bulk amount then we have special discounted rates for you to promote the idea of getting the bulk number of boxes for your needs.  You should avail of this offer if you are new in the business and have a very low budget to spend on the packaging, we could easily fulfill your needs. 


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