How To Design Your Own Cosmetic Packaging

10 May, 2022

With the boom in the lifestyle and beauty industry, the credits obviously go to social media platforms and influencers. With these social media platforms, it seems like everyone is enjoying their best life, and brands are fueling this notion even more. For the longest time, women have been impacted by cosmetics, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it universal. 

The cosmetic industry has been a lucrative yet straightforward industry, but it seems like it’s expanding to new horizons. To begin with, cosmetics aren’t about women anymore because men are subscribing to the mantra of makeup because everyone deserves to feel good and attractive. All these factors are leading to cosmetic brands making more products. However, only creating the cosmetic products isn’t enough as you’ve to focus on the cosmetic boxes. So, if you are running a cosmetic line and want to create cosmetic packaging that converts, we are sharing all the nitty-gritty with you!

1) Define The Cosmetic Brand’s Personality 

It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than done!
The task is to define the brand and focus on what you are representing. It is needless to say that defining the brand's personality can be a taxing task. This is essential as it helps others get informed about the brand message and positively influence the design scheme, promising better communication with the customers. For instance, if you are selling high-end products, using upscale materials will help create a luxe experience, but the touch of gold will only enhance this notion. 

If you have decided that the cosmetic product is luxurious, you need to choose between glamorous and edginess because you’ve to determine how consumers will react to the packaging. You must remember that defining the brand personality will help choose the color scheme, size, logo placement, and messaging of the packaging (the messaging that will be printed on the box). It might sound tedious right now, but it can streamline the packaging design and make it more straightforward. 

Here’s a quick look –

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2) Understanding The Marketplace

There is no secret in the fact that the cosmetics industry is highly competitive and crowded, and it’s only increasing. Soon, the industry will be worth $532 billion. So, before you delve into the packaging design’s specifics, it’s critical to have a look at the marketplace that you are entering. For this purpose, you have to research your direct competitors, particularly the ones that are selling similar products.

Once you outline the competitors, you need to analyze how they are engaging with the customers and the lagging points. For this purpose, you need to check out the official website, social media shareability, and online stores – you could also visit the on-site store to check their design aesthetics. On top of everything, you have to check which cosmetic products are selling better and optimize your product boxes accordingly. 

3) Gain Inspiration For The Product Line

This is where the real stuff begins. So, before you indulge in the design process, you need to think about your own preferences and create style sheets or mood boards. The mood boards will help capture the style and theme that inspires the product line. On the other hand, the style sheets are perfect for working out the specifics of packaging and branding. 

For this purpose, you could browse the internet and swift through the magazine to see what’s in trend and what’s actually working other than making a headline. In simpler words, you must focus on different design styles that bring value to the brand. While you are out there, look at the shapes, fonts, and colors – you must consider the classic design schemes. 

In the majority of cases, people only focus on the trendy products, but they don’t focus on the bad designs because that’s the only way to learn things that should be avoided. Remember that you aren’t researching for mimicking the design, as it’s all about getting inspiration for the cosmetic product lines. 

Last Word: Opt For Customized Packaging 

When it comes down to cosmetic packaging, the foundation of design starts with which type of containers you will be utilizing for the products. Depending on which products you want to sell, you have to decide the packaging accordingly. For instance, you need to choose between compacts, jars, droppers, bottles, pumps, tubes, tins, sprayers, and palettes. 

Truth be told, there isn’t room for many variations because shampoos only come in the squeezable plastic bottle, and lipsticks can only come in a tube. On the other hand, the serums or perfumes need glass droppers and bottles, respectively. In simpler words, it’s not possible to customize the materials, but you can always customize how these materials are decorated.

For this purpose, you can play around with most exterior packaging and customize them with a suitable color scheme and fonts. In addition, it also involves optimizing the placement of the brand logo. The customization is helpful in enhancing the consumer experience. 

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