How to Choose The Right Type of Custom Boxes

18 Nov, 2022

Often creates packaging to suit specific product box styles; other times, it is designed to match specific retail box needs for different products. As a result, it is becoming more complex for businesses to choose the right custom boxes that suit their requirements. Companies can choose from various custom sizes, shapes, and styles with these packages. Additionally, many different packaging types, materials, and finishing options exist. You must know your precise requirements to make the right packaging decision for your company. To ensure the success of your retail business, you need to remain vigilant and not fall victim to competitors shadowing your business. Usually, pick out the best packaging solution for whatever you are selling by presenting you with a few simple steps.

5 Different Types of Custom Boxes

You might be surprised to learn that custom boxes exist for specific industries. Here, lists of custom boxes with their use and effective cost are given.

Custom Cosmetic Box

Custom packaging provides a unique and tailored from scratch around specific needs. When It comes to cosmetic packaging, these products need an elegant look. Customized cosmetics are the ultimate way to remain in customers ' minds for a long period. Custom cosmetic boxes build a connection between the product and the consumer with its attractive look and pursue them to open and buy your product. High-quality custom cosmetic boxes of all sizes for beauty product brands with easy customization.

Who Should Use It? How Much Does It Cost?
  • Anyone who needs to sell cosmetic products uses boxes to make their product attractive.
  • Cosmetic products include cream boxes, eyelash boxes, eyeliner boxes, lipstick boxes, lip gloss boxes, hair extension boxes, makeup boxes, nail polish boxes, etc.
  • Typically 100 boxes consider the minimum order, all the way to 500,000 boxes. Most cosmetic boxes are relatively low-cost compared to other box options because the size of the boxes is smaller.


Custom Gift Box

A cherished tradition in every culture is giving gifts to loved ones. People enjoy presenting their loved ones with valuable gifts as reminders of their heartfelt memories. A range of particular designs and shapes keep this old tradition alive. Foremost the best companies make high-quality boxes for their customers. WecustomBoxes is the best maker for these boxes. It provides the best of these boxes with a wide range of designs. You can choose any of the designs, or you can modify these designs. Simple boxes are not attractive. You should use custom gift boxes to give someone a gift.


Who Should Use It? How Much Does It Cost?
  • Those who want to send a holiday gift? Want to impress your customers with a high-end gift wrapped with ribbons?
  • Pricing will vary based on box sizes, design, and quantity.


Custom Retail Box

Product manufacturing shipped to retailers in the markets division is typically said to be retail box packaging. The numerous variety of design and decoration ideas make these custom boxes attractive, so consumers will be more likely to purchase them. Creating a customer relationship for operational impact with meeting the supply chain demands. Custom retail boxes are not only meant for product safety; however, material selection, colors, and other things that affect the customer's purchasing decision.

Who Should Use It? How Much Does It Cost?
  • Retail boxes are perfect for most direct-to-consumer products.

  • Examples include soap boxes, candle boxes, product boxes, mailer boxes, and more.

  • Typically, Minimum orders are 100 custom retail boxes and can increase in quantities up to 500,000.

  • Pricing will range based on box sizes, design, and quantity.


Eco-Friendly Box

Nowadays, to overcome worsening plastic pollution, retailers are switching to environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Those consumers who are well aware of plastic waste's damaging impact on the environment know the worth of the eco-packaging.  

Eco-friendly box packaging is easy to recycle and safe for individuals and the environment. Eco-friendly boxes are made of recycled material. These packaging use material and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources. 


Who Should Use It? How Much Does It Cost?
  • Ideal for environmentally-conscious businesses that want to help reduce waste from discarded boxes, eco-friendly boxes are made with crucial attention and care toward using sustainable materials.
  • You can save a substantial amount of money by using recycled boxes or kraft stock. Moreover, eco-friendly boxes can incorporate raised ink and embossed patterns to achieve a trendy and upscale appearance.


Custom Rigid Box

Most thicker than ordinary custom boxes are called rigid boxes. It is made up of wrapping paper on a grayboard. They contain sturdy structures with luxury packaging. These packages have a paper lining to retain a uniform appearance through the unveiling experience. For perdioclian packing, the rigid boxes offer all possible freedom. These custom rigid boxes give excellent protection and security. Your product stays secure when in these boxes. Moreover, your clients experience the most luxurious and sensational customer experience.


Who Should Use It? How Much Does It Cost?
  • Shipping fragile items or products that are inclined to breakage or damage choose a rigid box to protect

  • Often Rigid Boxes Are Used For Presentation and Display Pieces and luxury product packaging. For example, gift boxes, set-up boxes, and premium packaging.

  • The start-up costs will be anywhere from $3000-$5000 and even higher, whether you want one box or 100 boxes.


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