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09 Aug, 2021

Cigarettes belong to the tobacco industry as their primary product and are considered the biggest name in the market based on their total turnover per year. The tobacco industry was flourishing exponentially when due to the few bad eggs in the market govt officials start imposing a ban on its usage, low equity tobacco, with the smuggling issue damage the reputation of the whole industry badly, but still the industry able to manage this suppression due to the number of more addicted people in the market who could not survive without using it. After strict rules and regulations such as a complete ban on electronic advertisement, it becomes difficult for the small or new startups in the market to survive on their own behalf.

So, they must need a worthy companion to uplift their growth by offering them different means of advertising in a very alluring way in front of the customers. And here come the cigarette tobacco boxes which are designed in a way that you are able to use them to pack your very fragile natural tobacco products as well you would be able to empower your business in the market with the help of the right choice of the features which are implemented on these boxes. But who is offering these boxes with the right blend of all the features with the alluring combinations of all needs of the products and market?

Why WCB is Leading Packaging Company in Market?

WeCustomBoxes is one of the leading names in the market, which are known for their decade-long experience, well-mannered staff, the latest technology in the packaging, and their best delivery method in almost every niche of the packaging as per the demand of the buyers, and market. We are also offering cardboard cigarette boxes for all kinds of packaging needs, from production to shipping.

you are going to find one of the best levels of strategies to uplift your brand in the market with keeping in mind the idea of the current position of tobacco products and restrictions imposed by the government. We are going to follow all the rules related to banner, size, slogans and offer you one of the best combinations of marketing which will help you not only catch the attention of the market but also make you one of the great leaders among competitors.

The boxes play the primary role in the success of any brand with the combination of the right quality, if you are offering the best quality products then WCB offers you the rest half of the combination which is the custom cigarette boxes. These boxes are designed and manufactured under the strong supervision of the extremely well-trained and experienced staff distributed among the different departments such as designs and production. The expert is going to mold the whole box into a very alluring piece of styled marketing box which is going to rightly impact the market and convince the tobacco lovers to prefer your taste again and again.

The Best Cigarette Boxes for Sale 

The WCB is offering the best boxes for your needs, but what is the level which is going to define the word best for your business, the WCB is offering the best in all aspects such as, 

  • The WCB experts have ample knowledge of the packaging as well as what is currently ongoing in the market, also we are well aware of the need and desires of the tobacco lovers, that’s why all we make effort to consider every aspect from the viewpoint of the customers, business persons, market and the ideas implemented by the govt to keep people away from the tobacco, which makes the real difficult to implement both ideas of marketing and keeping people informed about the harmful effects of the products. 

  • We are offering the boxes with one of the premium natural materials which could last longer than your thoughts, also the silver or gold foil is used inside the boxes to keep the real taste of tobacco preserved for a longer time period. 

  • The packaging brings the experience either bad or good and smooth experience comes from the usage of the premium quality material which could help the buyers to sense the quality of the products by feeling the quality of the packaging. The boxes are made with cardboard, kraft, paperboard, and all other material which you could name, within your budget at discounted rates.

  • We need to keep in mind that these boxes are used by the customer so our intended audience should get all the benefits because they are our business. From that aspect, we make these boxes an easy-to-use store and a more perfect choice for their pockets. 

  • Now we also keep in mind that the boxes are used by the different businesses in the market, so the packaging should also meet their needs. From that aspect, we have a perfect system as well to meet the demand asked by the running business in the respective products. 

  • Also, the imposed rules and restrictions by the govt including the size of the box where to place the logo, what type of slogans or marketing tag lines are used will also need to be followed and our team members thoroughly keep studying these developing advancements in the govt rules. 

These all aspects are rightly implemented and printed on the boxes with the idea of natural integration, which makes these boxes the real worth of the market. Also, the impact of the custom cigarette boxes made in the USA is much more than any other packaging in the market. The companies are already using these boxes for their packaging and earning a handsome amount in terms of more sales and pure profit. 

Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes Another Hype By WCB

The boxes need a very acumen appearance which could keep the customers interested in the product, there are a lot of things done to help these needs, and custom printing is also one of them which is a step by step process to ensure more success in the market. The custom boxes offer more choices in terms of colors, designs, and shapes, which are the major components of the appearance of the box. Now, what is the meaning of more choice?

The answer is the more you are able to control the features in the color combinations, designs of the boxes, and also the shape of the containers to make them the right fit for the products. The custom printed containers are offered in every size, any shapes made with any type of the material, even now the kraft material which was considered very much difficult to print could be dyed with the help of the latest machines and techniques. So WCB ensures that your desired choice in the features will be printed according to your demand on your boxes. 

Here’s a quick look –

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1) Color Combinations 

The boxes are printed with a number of color combinations which may become the reason for your brand identity such as, McDonalds is well recognized with the yellow color and most of the tobacco brand dark color, like dark red, dark blue, and much more. But you have a complete choice whether you are willing to go with the one color or you are going to use the many color combinations at the same time. Also, if you feel nulled or confused about the color ideas, then you will be guided by an expert team to offer you one of the best color combinations for your containers. 

2) The Custom Design Printing 

Once the color combination is selected for the base of the boxes, now the design is made as per the choice of the customers. These designs define the alluring outlooks of the boxes which may build connections between your brand, products, and customers. The WCB has a huge catalog of the design, from which you could choose one of the best designs, or you could get the ideas from there and ask our designers to make one of yours.

These designs are made on the latest computer-aided software and run on simulations which make sure that you are going to get the hundred percent perfect, accurate, and effective designs for your boxes. Also, the final printing of these artifacts on your boxes is done with the state of the art printed only available at the platform of the WCB, which ensures the high definition printing in perfect regulations as per the material of the boxes. 

3) The Finishing and Shapes 

The shape of the boxes is made as per the ease of the needs of the users. The tobacco boxes have special pocket-oriented shapes, with the covered lid and square box under them. The box is flappable and open or close as per their needs. Also, for shipping, product packaging, display boxes different kinds of shapes are used with different features as per the need of the products. All these ideas are made with the sense of keeping the official rules in mind, so you are able to do business in the market or you may also avail the blank cardboard cigarette boxes which you may use for storage purposes.

Not only this you may avail the various types of boxes for your ease, such as custom sleeves cigarette boxes, which offer their own experience of unboxing and help you to offer distance choice to your customer than regular flip lid boxes which are used by the many numbers of brands in the market. 

4) Unique Ideas for Your Boxes 

WCB offers a very different range of ideas for your business, which is based on your needs. The boxes are made as per the brand demand, such as the product fit box with the more colorful printed designs or maybe cigarette boxes with pictures, that offers the right manner of choice to the customers, because someone said that one picture is better than one thousand words.

There also different ideas are used for making these boxes more worthy for your products, such as if the customer purchased your products and got a very memorable experience, so how he is going to find you again, there should be something unique to find you again and aging among the hundred of your competitors. 

Here we use the concept of the logo, which offers the ease of finding the respective product as well as more quail products related to your brand name. The logo could be the designs or your actual brand name in design with copyright options and could be used or copied by any other brand in the market. Also, marketing taglines, slogans, and much more small or large things are used to keep the customer engage with your boxes, these ideas are only used for your boxes could be cut copy or pasted by any other box, brand, or company in the market, which make you unique and distinct among your business competitor easily. 

At Last: Get Your Boxes Right Now 

Now you must be looking for the answer, how to acquire these boxes which are offering the number of reasons to the customers. WCB made it very easy to buy cigarette boxes, but before that, you just need to know what you are going to get in perks with these boxes, we are offering the free of cost shipping at your doorstep, free designs support, which helps you get your desired designs as per your choice, also you are going to get the best after-sales services, which means that we will stay connected even after the final delivery and help you with the problem you are facing. You are going to get very discounted rates for wholesale cigarette boxes,  which help you reduce your cost for the packaging and you may use it for the betterment of your business.

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