Double Wall Corrugated Boxes Everything You Need to Know

03 Apr, 2020

Corrugated boxes are sinusoidal structures formed using special machines. The boxes are made from fibrous pulp obtained from pine trees, which makes them eco-friendly. Double wall corrugated cardboard boxes are a good option for shipping fragile products since they prevent the effects of a collision. In addition, the boxes have air columns that act as cushions. This design equips the boxes with the ability to withstand pressure when they are stacked up. Corrugated boxes are safe to use since they have smooth edges. Corrugated boxes have been used as a packaging material for more than four decades.

What is a Double wall?

A double wall is a paper-based material consisting of two corrugated flutes separated by an inner liner. In total, the boxes have five layers. From the top, there is a layer of paper + a section of flute + another paper + flute + outer paper.

The double wall corrugated cardboard boxes are manufactured by high-precision machinery known as corrugators. The manufacturing process is automated. Double flutes in these boxes provide extra-cushioning to protect fragile materials.

The Main Difference Between Material Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard

Material cardboard is a thick, heavy-duty paper also known as paperboard whereas corrugated is made up of three layers of paper which includes an outer layer, a fluting layer, and another outer paper layer. The main difference between the two is the number of layers and the presence of a layer of the flute.

Cardboard is used to make boxes used for packing items like cereal, toilet rolls core, and milk cartons. Double wall corrugated cardboard sheets in the UK, on the other hand, is used to make pizza delivery boxes and boxes for shipping products.

Double Walled Corrugated Pipe

Basically, it is a pipe within another pipe or an outer casing. A double-walled corrugated pipe contains an annulus (space) between the two pipes. The inner pipe is the carrier while the outer pipe is the containment pipe. A common use of the double walled corrugated pipe is to transport wastewater and groundwater.

Corrugated Boards

The term corrugated means to bend into furrows and ridges. If you view the cross-sectional side of corrugated cardboard, you will see a wavy pattern. The wavy part prevents the board from folding in and prevents it from collapsing. Despite their low weight, the boxes provide outstanding mechanical support to the products stored in them.


The flute commonly used in corrugated boxes is the sinus wave (circular shape). The size of the flute determines the name of the board and its usage. A coarse flute has a thickness of about 4.6 mm. It has great cushioning properties. A medium flute has a thickness of about 3.6 mm. It is suitable for making box boards. Flute fine has a thickness of approximately 2.9 mm. It is used for printing on the sales packaging. Flute finest has a thickness of around 1.4 mm. It is mostly applicable in folding boxes.

Tests for Safety

To determine which corrugated boards are the best for your packaging needs, two tests can be used to measure the safety of corrugated boxes.

Mullen Test

It is also referred to as the burst test. All corrugated boxes are tested using a hydraulic machine referred to as a Mullen tester. The device evaluates the burst strength of the corrugated boxes by applying a lot of pressure on a flat, suspended corrugated board. This test determines how much pressure can puncture the boards. The main aim of performing this test is to protect the products to be packed in the box.

Edge Crush Test

This test tells you how much pressure a corrugated box can withstand when stacked on the edge. A 32 ECT board can withstand a weight of 32 pounds per linear inch when stacked on the edge.

You might be wondering which test is best for you? Well, the two tests measure two different things. If it concerns you that the box will crash while in transit, use the ECT approved boxes to stack up against your products. On the other hand, if you are concerned about protecting the contents inside the box, use the Mullen test.

Uses of Double Wall

The physical characteristics of corrugated boxes enable them to be used for various purposes. Besides physical strength, other factors such as the ability to absorb water, bending stiffness, delamination of the paper, and air permeability are used to determine the usage of the double wall Cardboard Boxes For Shipping.

To ensure the boxes are used multiple times, consider other variables that may reduce the lifetime of the boxes. Such variables include:

  • Poor handling by the shipping company
  • Stacking heavy objects on top of the boxes
  • Unsealed boxes
  • A lot of empty spaces in the box, which makes it easier for the box to crush

 Customized Shape

Companies design corrugated boxes to meet the needs of the products they are shipping as well as the needs of the retailers and consumers. The most common design is the RSC (Regular Slotted Container). The flaps are of the same size and Typically, the major flaps meet in the middle, but the shorter ones don’t meet. The joints are taped, stitched, or fixed with adhesives.

The products being transported determines the size of the Custom Corrugated Boxes.

Advantage of Double Wall Corrugated Boxes

Ideal for transporting heavy or fragile products

Double wall cardboard boxes for shipping can support a weight of up to 20 kilograms depending on the products being transported and the void fill used. The double walls provide cushioning that keeps items such as fragile products safe from rapid movements that can cause damage during long-distance transportation, shipment, and handling. In addition, the boxes protect the goods from moisture that may destroy them or reduce quality.


Corrugated boxes are manufactured from pine pulp which makes them biodegradable. In addition, the material can be recycled to make boxes or paper rolls. Most companies collect the boxes after they have been used and use the material to make more boxes. People also use the boxes in their homes to serve multiple purposes such as storing household tools.

Highly Customizable

Custom Corrugated Boxes can be designed to meet every need of the client. Some designs allow you to reduce or increase their height. The thickness can be customized to make it perfect for transporting any product. The double wall corrugated shipping boxes can be made with different coatings, adhesives and treatment depending on the needs. They can even be customized to become flame resistant. Printing options for the boxes are highly customizable as well.

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