Customized Kraft Boxes For Soaps

17 Nov, 2020

You wake up in the morning and step into the bathroom and rub the soap on your face, right? Well, it’s pretty obvious that soaps hold great importance in our lives and the soap wraps must mesmerize you. Conversely, we are pretty sure that you had the paper soap in your school bag because it all sounds so fancy, right? (it also makes you cool in front of other kids; we know things!)

That’s the prime reason that soap manufacturers are working hard on alluring the customers with the customized soap experience for the users. Consequently, they are spending time and effort optimizing the soap packaging because the soap boxes really capture the target audience’s attention. So, when it comes down to the soap wrappers, the skincare companies are investing hard in it. 

With this being said, there are a variety of soap packaging ideas to choose from. That’s the prime reason kraft soap boxes have become the top choice. Ranging from medicated soaps to laundry soaps, beauty soaps to organic soaps, soapboxes must offer the naturalism that people want from their skin, are you getting the point?

Usually, the kraft soap package has a round design but some companies are sticking with the window design, allowing them to look at the alluring soaps. Other than the kraft packaging, some soap companies are opting for the soap sleeves boxes and bar soap box. So, in this article, we are sharing the complete guide about kraft soap packaging, along with types of packaging and benefits!

Window Or No Window Soap Box

When you opt for the wholesale kraft soap boxes, they are usually designed with high-end productivity without costing a fortune. This way, they can offer protection to the soap against contamination and damage while preserving the soap. The kraft paper is a seamless combination of sturdiness and durability which means there won’t be any ripping and tearing during shipping.

window-soap-boxesOn the other hand, the clear soap boxes and plain soap packaging comes with a fair share of shortage. Consequently, soap promotion will be hurdled. For instance, if you are running a handmade soap business, opting for the wholesale and plain soapboxes will be a fine choice. In contrast, in case you want to start the soap brand and compete with the lucrative market, switching to custom window soap packaging would be a better choice. 

That’s to say because one needs to capture the users’ eyes and let the customers become loyal to the brand and develop a relationship. For instance, in case you want to save some bucks, you could opt for the customized stickers on the simple and plain boxes because it shares impeccable information about what is residing in the box. 

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Why Use Customized Kraft Soap Packaging For Your Soaps?

When it comes down to the customized bar soap packaging, it offers a unique yet creative outlook to the packaging. In addition, such packaging helps showcase the soap on the market’s shelf, in terms of making the soap stand out. That’s to say because the customized soap boxes help in preserving the soap while promoting the brand. 

To begin with, the customized kraft soap packaging could be personalized with the printing of ingredients, brand logos, and additional information. There is a wide range of customized soap boxes that differs in terms of themes and styles. In addition, the packages can be customized to handle different quantities of soaps while satisfying the styling needs of the picky target audience. 

1) Assembly 


When it concerns the kraft soap boxes, these are usually integrated with easy assembly and there is no use of glue since everything is folded and the soaps are easy to put inside the box. This will reduce the costs and time since you don’t have to use the glue and spend time cutting the tissue paper. 

2) Eco-Friendly 

Given the fact that modern consumers are concerned about product consumption. With this being said, the eco-friendly soap boxes are manufactured of pine wood which is safe for the environment since they don’t lead to pollution. That’s the prime reason that soap businesses are taking this time as an opportunity to create packaging that’s easy on the surroundings and environment. 

Previously, soap businesses were investing the aluminum foils, plastic material, and tips for optimizing the soap packaging. However, there were multiple environmental issues patched with it and that’s why the kraft packaging has come up, adhered to the biodegradable material option. So, the kraft boxes are made from pinewood which makes them recyclable as well. 

3) Easy On The Pocket

While you are on the verge of launching a new product in the lucrative market, the product price and budget matter a great deal, when it comes down to the customer perspective, they opt for the fine combination of high-end quality without sacrificing the reasonable price factor. So, that’s the same drill with soap businesses. 

With this being said, soap boxes with kraft material offer pocket-friendliness. First of all, these soap boxes are recyclable which means the soap boxes don’t need fresh or raw material. Secondly, the pinewood material is actually pretty cheap which makes it an affordable raw material. With this being said, these kraft boxes become affordable, enough for the homemade soap businesses to afford. 

4) Easy Shipping

Obviously, you need to send and ship out your soaps, right? So, shipping and online business are very sensitive. When it comes down to the kraft soap boxes, these boxes aren’t going to break the bank for your business. In addition, the kraft soap boxes have become the ultimate way of protecting the soaps during transit and shipping. 


In case you are running the homemade soap business, keep in mind that you need the soap packaging that protects the soap from the harsh environment and the kraft packaging is a master of durability. 

5) Easily Customizability 

When it comes down to the kraft soap boxes, these are very easy to customize and the businesses can create the brand influence they want. With this being said, the businesses are empowered to print their desired artwork and letters on the soapboxes. So, it’s pretty obvious that businesses can customize their soap boxes with different types of printing while improving awareness.

 In addition, the users can customize the color, shape, and design of the soap boxes. That’s to say because the kraft boxes are easy to customize without costing a fortune. However, you will need to be creative with the design. We suggest hiring professionals who can design your packaging with which your business can harness high-end benefits. 

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6) Kraft Soap Boxes With Die-Cut Window And PVC Window Glued

There are multiple variants of kraft boxes available. Consequently, some kraft boxes are designed with the die-cut window boxes in rectangular, round, or oval shapes. To be honest, these windows are the creative way of showcasing the soaps since users can smell and see the soaps. With this being said, the windows are usually covered with PVC to ensure protection from damages as well as contamination. 


When you manufacture the soap packaging from high-end yet recyclable kraft paper, they can hold the preservation even if they get wet. Consequently, these soap boxes will be able to increase the shelf life of the soaps without compromising on eco-friendliness. With this being said, the natural and organic soaps must be covered with natural soap labels and packaging.

This is because it communicates to the target audience that you believe in organic and natural properties. In the same way, this presentation helps brand promotion and message delivery. 

7) Custom Pillow Boxes Style

While you want to harness the creativity with the packaging for soap, keep in mind that a custom pillow box is an absolute choice. These boxes are usually famous for the cute and attractive lock that is embarked with the custom artwork. The pillow boxes can be created in a small size for people who want to display their soap samples.


Such packaging plays an attractive role in exhibitions. With this being said, there is ultimate ease of use with these boxes because they don’t need any glue, hence all you need to do is fold up. On the top, you can tie up the ribbon and it will look amazing. Some businesses also opt for customized stickers rather than a ribbon because stickers are easy to apply, and they also save time and costs. 

8) Custom Kraft Drawer Style Soap Boxes

For every soap business that’s interested in the wide range of soap packaging ideas, the drawer-style soapbox is one of the best fits. These soap boxes are designed with a wide border that helps protect the soap (yes, even if you drop the package on the floor). Also, the slide open drawer offers a very unique and new unboxing experience for soap buyers. 


In some cases, the drawer-style soap boxes are usually curated with a clear window that helps showcase the soap in front of the users’ eyes. The drawer boxes can be bought unprinted and you can simply stick the customized brand stickers. This will help save time, effort, and costs in one go. Also, these drawer soap boxes are great for everyone who needs a small number of boxes. 

9) Kraft Soap Sleeve And Soap Wrapper Packaging 

In case you don’t want anything complicated, the soap sleeve boxes and soap wrapper is a fine choice for wrapping up the organic and handmade soaps. However, one needs to be extremely precise with the size because even the little tightness or looseness can impact the fitting and the soap will get damaged or even slip out. 

When it comes down to optimizing the exterior of the soap sleeve and soap wrapper packaging, we suggest opting for the one-color logo. In addition, it would be better if you print down the soap ingredients and usage because people like having information and it will positively influence the brand promotion tactics without costing your business a fortune!

Choosing The Right Kraft Box For Soaps 

For every business that needs to make the product succeed, one needs to make the right choice with the packaging. Ranging from printing to shape and design, everything needs to be perfect. In this section, we are sharing several factors that will help you choose the right kraft soap box! 


Whenever you have to finalize the soap packaging paper for the soaps, make sure that meets the requirements of the soap. For instance, you need the soap box that not only protects the soap but also holds it in a way that doesn’t leave behind any void. With this being said, the size and shape of the packaging matter a great deal. With this being said, the appealing design will complement the soap while improving the aesthetics and appealing factor. 


The majority of brands don’t pay heed to the fact that the soap box should offer easy packaging that doesn’t create any hurdles during shipping and transit. The businesses need to think about the fact that it might take the soap box five to seven days to reach their destination, and all this time, they must be able to stay undamaged. Ranging from the raw material to the finishing touches, the quality needs to be top-notch because you don’t want the customers to receive spoiled soap. 

Audience Appeal 

The person who has to use the soap eventually is the target audience and the person who has spent their hard-earned money on your soap. With this being said, the soap box must appeal to the customers and do think from the customers’ perspective while designing the soap box. In this vein, you need to research the current trends and what is being liked by your target audience. 

This information will obviously help you design the right packaging and product for the target audience. For instance, if your target audience is into visuals, you can opt for the soap boxes with the window since it looks pretty. However, you must never compromise on the convenience and ease of the customers while designing the “appealing” soap box. 


Long gone the times when people used to throw away the packaging because the modern customer is extremely vigilant about what they use and how they use the remaining parts. With this being said, you need to create a soap box that’s durable and can be reused by the customers. For instance, if you are designing the sleeve soap box, it can be reused as the jewelry box, right?

With this being said, you need to ensure that the soap box is sturdy and hard enough to be reused. Also, it must reach the customer in one piece, okay?


While you are designing the soap boxes, always think from the customers’ perspective, because in the end, they have to use it, right? So, you need to consider if the soap box is easy to put on the shelf, if it is easy to open, or proper sealing of the product. That’s to say because the well-designed and well-integrated soap box must comply with all these prerequisites. 

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