Choosing The Right Skincare Product For Your Skin Type

25 Nov, 2020

So, you are hitting the makeup store and you intend on raiding the skincare and makeup items. You walk in and pick up the makeup packaging, cosmetic packaging, and skincare packaging to run by the ingredients. But guess what? If you aren’t a Ph.D. in chemistry, you won’t understand a word about these chemicals, otherwise, it will be all French to you.

However, this chemical does have a language, known as the international nomenclature of the cosmetic ingredients. This is more of the science class that teaches the scientific method, the language works like that. The INCI is specially designed to develop the standardized language for the ingredient names that are used as labels around the world by cosmetic packaging manufacturers.  

But again, even if there is cute makeup packaging, the packaging is not convenient to read for regular consumers. With this being said, some manufacturers try to write the common names of the beauty packaging and skincare packaging but it’s no less throwing a little bone. For instance, they tend to write Tocopherol as Vitamin E.

On the other hand, some people might understand what Vitamin E is about in the cosmetic packaging boxes but there is always a long list of ingredients that cannot be understood. With this being said, it’s pretty clear that one needs to play detective and cop with beauty product packaging but you can always follow the vote and choose the products with a massive following.

This is the age of influencers (you’d know that if you are an Instagram user) but one cannot fully rely on this route. That’s to say because one-size-fits-all doesn’t exist when it comes down to skincare and makeup. It’s pretty clear that you need to utilize the individualized approach if you want to choose the right makeup and skincare products, by reading even the best makeup packaging.

There might be thousands of cosmetic packaging suppliers out there but you need to ensure that you don’t judge the book by its cover. Well, fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because we have talked to the dermatologists and they have told us how you can choose the right products based on the skin type rather than getting impressed by pretty makeup packaging. Let’s start!

1) Know The Skin Type

According to cosmetic dermatologists, you need to be crucially mindful about the skin type and it plays an essential role in determining the right makeup and skincare products. Generally, there are no bad products; you only need to use the right product that matches your skin’s needs. In simpler words, the products are only bad if they don’t match your skin.

You might have understood by now but if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin, you will need to be extremely cautious about the ingredients that you put on your skin. Other than these skin types, all others are successful because oily skin can take a variety of ingredients but some of them can still trigger irritation and breakouts.


2) Oily Skin

When it comes down to oily skin, you need to opt for the ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, alpha-hydroxy acids, and hyaluronic acid because they are proficient at controlling sebum production. Also, the hyaluronic acid will work perfectly to induce hydration in the needed areas of your skin.

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3) Dry Skin

If you’ve dry skin, you need to look out for the products that have lactic acid and shea butter because they offer mild exfoliation, along with much-needed hydration. Consequently, the dry skin will look extremely radiant.

4) Sensitive Skin

In case you have sensitive skin, you need oatmeal, aloe vera, and shea butter because it promises ultimate moisturization to the skin while promising zero breakouts. However, if you aren’t sure of your skin type, we suggest asking the dermatologist because you can choose better products when you know the skin type.

5) Don’t Give Into The Hype

Believe it or not, some people only buy a certain product because it was popular or had attractive packaging because it’s ample enough to trap the consumers. However, one must not put such value and weight into the cosmetic packaging wholesale, rather you should focus on what works for the skin. So, you cannot simply use the makeup or skincare product because an influencer likes it.

This is because you shouldn’t focus on the after-work of products but focus on what the skin was when they started using the product. To be honest, it will promise higher and improved reliability about how well the product works up with your skin. For instance, if you are a millennial, you would know that Mario Badescu and St. Ives Apricot Scrub were the steals.

But hey, did you know that they’ve been thrashed with lawsuits because people had severe consequences by using the products. If you’ve such products in your dressing table’s drawer, you need to throw them out rather than panicking; always look for the solution. So, we suggest that you check the reviews, star ranking, and ingredients of the products before investing in them.

6) Natural Isn’t Better

Sure, you know that aloe vera and oatmeal are good for skin, and watching them plastered on the skincare packaging will feel comforting but it doesn’t always promise effectiveness. In simpler words, the natural ingredients aren’t always the safest route out there. For instance, poison ivy is a natural oil but we don’t rub it on the skin, right?

That’s to say because some people have been struggling with severe reactions by using the “natural” essential oils. One needs to understand that their skin is unique and so should be the makeup and skincare product. In addition, some brands are using terms like organic and natural on their product packaging for the sake of marketing.

However, these terms are not regulated and aren’t tested on the industry standards, because they are plain lies. Also, some companies will write down these terms because they have two natural ingredients in the products.

7) The Order Of Ingredients

You might think that you’ve to choose the right ingredient which is perfectly true but you need to focus on the order of ingredients as well. This is because the first five ingredients on the list of skincare and makeup products are available in high quantities and will constitute 80% of the product. So, do read these first five ingredients because you are getting this most for your skin.

In simpler words, you need to acknowledge that the ingredients are always listed from the highest to lowest in concentration. So, if there is some ingredient that doesn’t suit you in the first five ingredients, you need to give up on the product; steering clear is better. Similarly, if your desired ingredients aren’t in the first five names, it won’t provide the value of your money.

8) Don’t Fear The Long List Of Ingredients

When it concerns what you put into the body, people often think that a limited and rather short list of ingredients will be better since it might be easy to decipher. However, when you opt for medicated skincare products or anti-aging products, the list is going to be a bit longer, so don’t be scared of it. So, we suggest talking to the dermatologist before choosing the skincare or makeup product.

9) Use The Resources

Sure, you’ve to choose the right skincare product but you cannot be the encyclopedia, right? So, there are fewer chances that you will have ample information about the right ingredients. With this being said, we suggest that you use the online resources to gain information if some product is suitable for you or not.

For instance, you can use databases, such as Skin Deep and CosDNA. To begin with, the Skin Deep database will have the skincare products rated on the basis of health hazards and manufacturing practices. Secondly, CosDNA offers better information about the product’s ingredients, along with the safety score and unique functions.

10) Patch Test

We are pretty sure that you’ve heard about patch tests if you’ve been using makeup and skincare products for a long time. As for the patch test, it’s defined as the process of eliminating the products. In simpler words, you can use the tester products to determine if some product or specific ingredient is suiting you or not.


The patch test will help determine if some ingredient is causing skin irritation or allergic reaction. With this being said, if some product is causing issues, it’s a no-go for you. Also, we understand that patch testing will take time but it helps save money (and your skin) in the long run.

Last Words: Avoid The Ingredients

Sure, some ingredients suit your skin and bring out the high-end skin texture and smooth appearance, without causing dehydration or breakouts. Also, we understand that ingredients are specific to the skin but there are some ingredients that everyone must avoid. To begin with, you should avoid parfum because they can lead to allergies.

In addition, never choose the skincare or makeup product that has parabens and sulfates in it because they can strip away the natural moisture from the skin.


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