A Complete Guide to Transport A Cake Using Boxes

03 Apr, 2020

Delivering a cake is the cake business's final, most stressful part. This guide provides a detailed outline of the important aspects of cake handling and transporting.

Types of Cake Boxes that are Used for Transport

  1. Cardboard Cake Boxes

These are the main types of boxes for transporting cakes. The large cake boxes are made from cardboard. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and themes. The boards offer a smooth surface without damaging the shape of the cake. Also, the cardboard provides additional strength, which prevents the cake from bending the box.

  1. Plastic Cake Boxes

These are great for transporting your cake as they are easy to carry. The boxes are available in all shapes including circular and square shapes. Plastic cake boxes have a textured tray at the bottom to prevent the cake from moving around. The plastic containers also have a clear lid snap at the bottom, which provides a clear view of the cake and also creates an air-tight seal.

  1. Kraft Cake Boxes

These are durable containers for storing as well as displaying pies. There are kraft boxes for whole cakes and slices of various sizes. Kraft cakes boxes are an ideal option for transporting your pies safely.

  1. Window Cake Boxes

These bags are mainly used to transport cookies. There are eco-friendly boxes for environmentally conscious people. The boxes are large enough to hold many cookies. Most cake boxes have a window to ease the display and also keep your cake sound and secure during transportation.

  1. Tiered Cake Boxes

These boxes are used to transport tiered cakes for special occasions such as weddings. The boxes are large and stiff enough to hold a tiered cake. They ensure the safe delivery of cakes to events. These boxes include a two-tier cake box, a 3-layer cake box, and 4-tiered cake boxes. The boxes can be designed to hold the whole assembled cake or each tier on its box. They can be bought in tiered cake boxes at wholesale outlets worldwide.

Things to Consider When Transporting a Cake in Car

  • Never put your cake boxes on the car seats. Most car seats are never flat, even when they seem like. There is a high risk the cake will tilt, slide or even shatter on your dashboard during emergency brakes. You should avoid putting your cake in the trunk during hot conditions outside, and the trunk is not highly open from the rear seats.

  • Consider placing your cake on an even surface like cars' floorboards. Make the surface non-slide by putting some rubber material like a yoga mat. This is the perfect surface to place your cake. Make sure all tiers are placed separately on the board if it's a tiered cake.

  • Depending on the weather condition outside, adjusting the car AC ensures ideal temperatures for the cake, preferably room temperature.

Top-Notch Tips in Transporting a Tiered Cake

  1. Baking and decorating a cake is essential, but the most asked question is how to transport a tiered cake. For beginners, delivering the cake at the event without any damage is really hard.

  2. Firstly, and most important, is to always carry the cake tiers dismantled. Each tier should be carried on its own on a box or even a pan. In addition, each tier should be placed on a flat surface, and extra care should be taken on the road. Assembling the cake should be done at the event or ceremony venue.

  3. The relevant and precise information about the event. Always arrive at the event early enough to ensure adequate time for your work. Make sure to estimate the distance and time for transport. You give some extra allowance for unreliable traffic and other delays. You should have a humble time to set up your cake before the event in approximately 2 hours.

  4. Drive slowly. Ensuring the safe arrival of tiered cake is another essential tip. Driving at a speed that can allow swift stopping in case of emergencies prevents sliding and smashing of the cake. In this case, it is advised that you brake earlier than you should in normal circumstances such as traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

  5. In addition, you should always carry all your decoration tools, such as icing and gum paste, for the cake. Make sure you have selfies with the cake after assembling it just in case of accidents when you leave.

Quick Hacks to Prevent Melting When Transporting Buttercream Cake

  1. Relatively warm conditions could easily affect your buttercream cake. On a warm day with direct sunlight, temperatures in a vehicle exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperatures for a cake are room temperature which is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Refrigerating the buttercream used for making the cake is important. This ensures the cream is kept cool and soft.

  3. Always cover the windows of your vehicle if the cake is not covered. This prevents the cake from melting due to direct sunlight.

  4. Make sure your car's hair conditioners are working perfectly. You will need it all the way to maintain room temperature conditions. The care should be already cold before putting the cake.

3 Tips You Need to Transport a Cake Long Distance

Typically, all transporting a cake in a vehicle. You will need all the requirements ranging from a flat floorboard to a perfectly working air conditioner constantly at its maximum. But there are other significant tips;

  • Always check the condition of your cake to confirm its condition. Preferably check the cake every hour and make sure it is not solid.
  • Always travel straight to the point of delivery. Don't move about stopping in unnecessary places such as coffee shops.
  • After arriving, refrigerate the cake to restore its firmness. Around one to two hours will do the effect.

How to Craft a Box to Transport a Two-Tier Cake

  • Buy a tall box of cardboard slightly taller than the two-tier cake itself. Clean or wipe it using a clean piece of cloth.

  • Cut a 'door-like' opening using a saw on one side of the box so it opens with a flap. Close the top of the box and seal it with masking tape. Put the cake inside the box and close the open-door flap sealing it with tape.

  • Always insert a wooden dowel through all the cake layers to ensure it's firm together.

Transporting a Cake in Hot Weather

  • It has never been easy delivering a cake in hot weather. First, you will need to set an even surface in your vehicle and ensure it does not slide. Put your cakes in large cake boxes with some space on either side.

  • You will need dry ice or freezer packs wrapped in towels placed around the cake making sure it does not come into contact. This ensures cold conditions around the cake, which prevents melting.

  • Of course, you will always have to drive slowly and carefully.

Where to Buy Cake Transportation Boxes

Cake stuff company offers heavy wholesale material, stackable tiered cake boxes, custom printed cake boxes, and box bases. The boxes are sold as two-piece, much more rigid than one-piece boxes. They also provide box corner extensions for fitting in the box corners and lifting the top lid. All their boxes are purchased from United Kingdom top manufacturers meeting the Britain standards. Bakery boxes & cake pads company also offers cake boxes in different dimensions. They customize boxes as per the client's specifications. In addition, they also provide bakery boxes in different colors and shapes. Amazon also offers international cake box sales with a manufacturer's warranty and free shipping to some destinations.

These are some of the businesses involved in high-quality tiered cake boxes wholesale.

Why Should You Never Transport Cake on a Pedestal?

This is the biggest mistake you could ever make after baking a beautiful cake. It is nearly impossible to transport a cake on its stand-alone. Firstly, it does not have barriers to protect the cake on the sides. The cake melts immediately after being hit by immediate sunlight. A slight braking or bumpy road will leave the cake smashing all over your vehicle. 

Last Words: Some Extra Tips For Cake Transportation Process

  • Always have the delivery directions, address, and contact details of the event or receiving person.

  • Carry your business insurance to avoid unplanned setbacks.

  • The car should be super clean. The ideal place to place your cake is the boot.

  • To prevent bacteria development, spray the box with a flavor-free antiseptic. This creates a more hygienic environment for clean and safe cake delivery.

Transporting cake in boxes ensures safe, hygienic, and reliable delivery.


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