5 Incredible Facts About Using Custom Boxes Chicago

23 Feb, 2021

Custom boxes have become a trend for a very long time. Various packaging companies out there offer amazing designs of containers, maintaining quality and durability. In this whole scenario, every supplier scuffle to generate the best results out of the packaging and urges to be at the top of the market.

The usage of custom boxes always brings convenience to companies such as packaging companies in Chicago offer entirely customized boxes to their customers. Many brands get custom-made boxes through professional builders in bulk to meet their needs on time. The customization may include various factors like shape, size, layout, and prints. With that, companies confirm the protection of their products and prefer well-maintained boxes.

During the shipment of their products, the Chicago shipping company makes use of light-weight but strong boxes. These custom boxes are mainly made of cardboard materials that effectively hold the products and protect them from any harm. These boxes are eco-friendly and therefore add to the reliability of the environment. Anyhow, getting productive results from packaging is not a piece of cake for everyone. For this purpose, one must know the interesting facts of packaging.

Fully Personalized Custom Packaging Chicago

The concept of using standard packaging has become vague. In standard packaging, you cannot make your product look personalized. When you use simple square boxes without any embossing and prints, you cannot represent your brand. The competition has become very high, which means it would be difficult for any brand to uplift its business without marketing. In this regard, custom packaging comes to the board and takes the responsibility of branding.

Custom packaging is a free tool of marketing for box companies in Chicago. To make your packaging fully customized, you need to print the company's logo and product description. It will not only inform the buyer about your brand but also engage them and therefore build a trustful relation. The customization may include the following factors:

  • You can choose any type of shape for your product packaging. The types may include drawer boxes, tuck-end boxes, and large cartons, etc.
  • You can use different sizes for custom boxes such as small, medium, large and extra-large cartons.
  • You can use simple boxes having one colour with a brand's logo printed on them. There also exist colourfully printed boxes.
  • You can also make use of add-ons like plastic window-patches, kraft pads, and cushions. Many shipping boxes Chicago companies offer boxes with add-ons to protect the product from any transportation hazard.
  • You can use different binding materials such as ribbons, twines, and tapes, etc.

Get Wholesale Chicago Packaging Supply

Getting custom boxes in bulks is far better. For this purpose, one must contact a sincere manufacturer. Various packaging companies offer wholesale boxes, and one can get them whenever he needs them. One of the major benefits of getting wholesale boxes is that it helps to deal with urgent and big orders conveniently. Above all, it helps the buyers to get the custom boxes at a very low price.

Consumers always prefer good quality boxes with a low budget on the packaging. Many packing supplies in Chicago offer seasonal discounts and sales based on the choice of the buyer. In this way, one can get inexpensive wholesale packaging with an assurance of high-quality and therefore helps the brands to productively uplift their reputation in the market places. 

Various Printing Techniques for Custom Packaging for Small Businesses

Printing is one of the utmost factors in designing custom boxes. There are various things that many companies prefer to include in their packaging. The purpose of using those details and information is a necessary aspect in increasing brand awareness. Those pieces of information and prints may include the company's name, logo, and product details like ingredients and the section of how to use.' Many shipping companies in Chicago offer buyers many printing techniques to transport their products safely.

  • The Flexography technique is one of the most common methods used in printing corrugated cardboard boxes. This is the method used for flood printing consisting of 1-2 colours and is not normally used for detailed graphics consisting of multiple colours. It is an inexpensive method.
  • Lithography is also known as offset printing. It is a type of lamination in which printing is done onto the paper, which then laminated on the corrugated boxes. It is an expensive method of printing, yet it can print detailed graphics.
  • Digital printing involves a method in which the design is directly printed onto the box. It is the most advanced method, and any Chicago box company can make use of it to get reasonable printing.

Use of Protective Lamination in Packaging Supplies Chicago

Make your packaging resistant to scratches by using protective laminations. There are different types of coatings or laminations, such as UV spots, gloss, and matte, etc. They protect the product from any extraneous effect such as dust and bacteria and therefore sustains the quality of the item. 

Chicago Packaging Companies Use Biodegradable Material

Custom boxes made of cardboard material are environment friendly. Packaging companies prefer corrugated cardboard boxes, kraft boxes, and cartons. These materials are far better than using toxic materials such as plastic. The biodegradable material does not provide any harm to the environment. Biodegradable means the material that can be recycled. These boxes can be recreated and re-used and therefore excreting no pollution in the surroundings.

Wrapping Up

Packaging companies in Chicago make the best usage out of custom containers. Multiple benefits of using these solutions have left no option other than that of the boxes made of cardboard and kraft materials. Companies get entirely customized boxes made from fine and high-quality materials. They get these boxes in wholesale to spend a low budget and therefore save a lot of money.

 Different printing techniques help brands to freely choose the suitable option. The protective lamination and biodegradable material highly aid the brands to better grow their business. In this way, any Chicago packaging company can use custom packaging and can generate excellent results out it.

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