4 Best Printing Company to Buy Corrugated Boxes in Australia

06 Apr, 2020

Corrugated boxes enable e-commerce businesses to deliver branded products that clients appreciate, remember, and even share on their social media platforms. Corrugated boards are stiff and fluted papers that make cartons for shipping items. Without them, customers are prone to receiving damaged goods.

Printing Option in Australia

In some countries, by-laws compel businesses to print certain information such as barcodes and other product information on the shipping boxes. Printing on corrugated cardboard is not easy since the material is spongy and quickly crushed. However, there are four main printing options for corrugated boards in Australia.

1. Flexography

Here, printing is done with rubber plates on a letterpress. It has raised images as well as letters for printing on the boards. Flexography provides adequate quality. Some boxes may come out with registration off alignment a bit. Sometimes, the boxes may have patterns of uneven ink lay-down. 

Therefore, flexography is ideal for clients who want simple graphics and attractive colors of up to six-color patterns. To reduce registration problems and uneven ink patterns, choose corrugated paper with finer fluting rather than coarse fluting. After the boxes have been printed, they can be die-cut before they are designed into boxes.

2. Screen Printing

The ink is pressed through a polyester screen mesh using a squeegee in screen printing. A stencil pours ink to areas containing images and blocks areas with writings or images. More ink can be used to provide more saturated colors. The boards' final quality is much higher than those printed with flexography. However, screen printing is more suitable for short to medium press runs.

3. Offset lithography

Unlike flexography, where the boards are printed directly, an offset print is designed on a coated press sheet in this method. The sheet is then laminated to the board before dying the board and cutting it to make boxes. The end product of litho lamination is of higher quality as the offset lamination provides much tighter registration and finer screens. Litho lamination is ideal for medium production. However, it is more expensive compared to other printing methods.

4. Digital Printing

Here, digital files are used. Therefore, there is no need to purchase expensive printing plates. Also, no setup and heavy machinery are required. The quality of corrugated boards printed by digital printing is high. Digital printing is ideal for low production as it is speedy and pocket-friendly. Since it's a new technology, digital printing is more practical for production shortages, test marketing, and trade show samples. In the future, digital printing will dominate the corrugated board printing market, making flexography, lithography, and other printing methods obsolete.

4 Things before considering any packaging companies.

There are many packaging providers in Australia. Not all of them are created equally. Here are things you should know before approaching any packaging company.

1) The Budget

If your company has a limited budget, you must find a way to ensure that you work with a company that helps you save on costs. An ideal company would be those that provide low order minimums.

2) Storage Space

Some companies do not have enough space for stacking up all products that need to be packed. Most companies prefer to sell bulk quantities that do not favor businesses with limited storage. Companies with small warehouses should consider working with companies that offer low order minimums. This way, they will be able to manage their space better.

3) Quality of Packaging Material

Doing a background check on a packaging company before working with them is important. Ensure the firm uses quality packaging fetched from quality sources. One way to determine whether a company offers quality packaging is to check whether they support environmental-awareness initiatives.

4) Customized Services

At some point, your business may want to use customized packaging services. You have to choose a packaging company that can provide customized services when you need them.

4 Best Printing Company to Buy Corrugated Boxes in Australia

1) PackQueen

PackQueen offers high-quality cardboard boxes to pack your products before shipment. The company offers a huge range of boxes for clients to select that suit their business needs. There are many options for startups as well as established firms.

PackQueen is a company that offers low minimum order packages for small businesses. 80% of the products are made in Australia, which enables the company to offer a fast turnaround time to the clients. In addition, the company can ensure that high standards are maintained when manufacturing packaging materials. PackQueen has a wide range of packaging boxes for clients to choose from.

The company has been operating for years. Their experience in the packaging sector means they can manufacture and design stylish custom boxes to serve particular purposes such as brand recognition. Packing products from PackQueen are not only good-looking but also durable. Hence, clients can be assured of the safety of their products while stored or in transit. 

The packaging materials are manufactured from quality materials that are biodegradable and can be recycled. All products sold by the company exceed the essential standards. Postage boxes conform to the standards set by Australian mail. Shipping boxes, however, are designed to withstand the harshest treatment. 

2) CBD Boxes Now

CBD Boxes Now is dedicated to providing quality packaging services to its esteemed clients. Some of the things that make the company stand out include:

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Reliable services

  • Excellent customer care

  • Superior products

  • Affordable prices

CBD Boxes Now majors in manufacturing and supplying cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes. To ensure that they meet the needs of all clients, CBD Boxes Now has its design and production process. The company offers unlimited packaging options when it comes to corrugated packaging boxes.

Clients can choose the colors and prints they want, including the most complicated lithography designs, and CBD Boxes Now will deliver. The company has been in the packaging business for more than a decade. Abbe is renowned for providing customized packaging materials and on-time delivery. 

Despite the fast turnaround time, the quality of packaging materials supplied by CBD Boxes Now is never compromised. CBD Boxes Now is one of the few printing companies in Australia that owns a high-speed digital printer. If you need their services, you can call their offices or request a salesperson to meet you at your business for a free quotation.

3) We Custom Boxes

This is one of the best companies when needing customized packaging boxes. We Custom Boxes is a reliable company dedicated to delivering clients the best products and services. The firm supplies packaging products in time without compromising on the quality. Customer requirements are adhered to the letter to ensure the product meets the customer's needs. 

We Custom Boxes specializes in delivering cardboard and corrugated packaging boxes. They have a team of professionals that assist the client in selecting packaging services that are best for their products. Choosing appropriate packaging boxes requires adequate skills and extensive experience in the field. After selecting the appropriate boxes, some professionals will design the packaging boxes accordingly to ensure you achieve a maximum ROI. 

The company offers both single and bulky custom boxes. We Custom Boxes use durable materials to manufacture the boxes to ensure they can be reused for a long time. Printing services are also available. The company can print logos, shipping information, and other branding information that a client may want to be printed on the boxes. Quality ink is used to ensure the writings don't fade away fast.

Here are some things that make We Custom Boxes stand out in Australia.

  • Free shipping

  • On-time delivery

  • High-quality printing

  • Free Designing

  • eco-friendly

4) The Cardboard Boxes 

The packaging company has been operating for the past three decades. Over this period, The Cardboard Boxes have gained in the packaging sector that most firms lack. The company is based in Melbourne, Sunshine. You can easily access the premises through the Western Ring Road. 

Since its inception, The Cardboard Boxes has been dedicated to helping its clients find appropriate solutions for packaging needs. The dealings at the company are quite simple and efficient. The firm offers several printing options, including lithography and digital printing. 

The Cardboard Boxes serve all types of users, from small to large. The company educates the clients and helps them choose packaging products that will meet their financial and marketing needs. All packaging materials are delivered in the nick of time to ensure the client is not inconvenienced. Also, The Cardboard Boxes help the clients predict when their demand will likely increase and plan for packaging needs on time. 

Some of the packaging materials offered by the company include stock boxes, regular cartons, corner cuts, printed boxes, and heavy-duty boxes. In addition, the company sells packing materials such as tape. Prospective clients can contact the firm through email, calls, or visiting their premises. 

Final Thought

When it comes to selecting packaging materials, there is so much to consider. It is important to choose a packaging company that is reliable and cost-effective. The company should consider its packaging needs before signing up with a packaging company.


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