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Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017, PIPR Strategy and Packaging Industry

Black Friday 2017

Giving away Flat discounts on Black Friday 2017.The global packaging business is anticipated to rise exponentially as a result of the quick growth in the demand for sophisticated packaging for numerous consumer products and goods. In the packaging industry, product packaging is popularly used in the goods packaging category and accounts for a considerable market share. To maximize their revenues, packaging firms must stay well-informed of the latest trends in the international business economy, make sure optimum management of packaging supplies and raw materials, reduce packing material wastage and develop a strong supply chain. But how can companies recognize such trends to boost revenues, you ask? It is simple, companies in the packaging industry must be aware of their market and competitor landscape by leveraging insights gained through different business intelligence solutions such as customer and market intelligence.

Packaging is a necessary thing for the goods transportation, protection, management & presentation, and to put the items whether they’re large or small on the show. The central point of some organizations in the packaging industry is developing safe and sound packaging to keep the products out of harm’s way and from smash up. To protect them from outer damages they use materials such as patterned foam, bubble cover, and some additional packaging layers. All of this kind of wrapping is more realistic and convenient than appealing, as the primary concern is safety rather than appearance.

On the other hand, some other businesses are paying more attention to the packaging used for demonstration and presentation purposes, to show products with attractive visions to fascinate the customer concentration.

Trends in the Packaging Industry

Packaging companies, stated to as converters in the packaging industry, change raw materials into industrial packaging supplies and grade materials – placing them in an essential position in the general supply chain. Packaging organizations must analyze, identify, and study the data to act in response to the emerging trends in the international market efficiently. Packaging manufacturers must concentrate on tapping the growth potential in the developing markets as well as in the industrialized economies.

Climate change, urbanization, and resource insufficiency are few top trends that are transforming the packaging market development. The increasing demand for packaging and excellent quality has led to an increase in demand for substitute construction materials due to the shortage of natural resources. The e-commerce boom has enabled the usage of alternative packaging options, for example, green packaging and corrugated packaging.

Technological advancements are directly impacting every industry, as well as the packaging industry. Thanks to the combination of additive manufacturing or3D printing, Internet of Things, increasing popularity of drones and robotic process automation, packaging industries are developing smart packaging alternatives to create a competitive advantage.

CPI which is known as the Confederation of paper industries believe that the digitization for the packaging industry will be the exciting challenge for over 40 years and should feel comprising to grasp its position for corrugated as a superior in its real format of packaging for high streets.

The world’s favorite form of packaging is corrugated form, and it has an excellent worth for the art of industry that directly covers almost 75 percent of goods for transportation. The packaging industry should have held a strong position in its retailing, and for that, it should get a grip on the interactive technology as well as multimedia packaging.

With this boom in the overall business of a packaging, every owner or a merchant has a desire to get benefits from consumers at highest possible level. But, Black Friday is such a famous event where an advantage is towards the customer side. In most parts of the world, Black Friday has been deemed as a commencement of Christmas shopping season since the early 1930s. First, it was started in the USA, but momentarily it is being recognized as a shopping event in many countries where discounts are available at its peak. With an incredible fame of Black Friday sale among shoppers, now almost all online stores and especially WeCustomBoxes offers a discount of up to 50% off on all kind of boxes are commencing several strategies to bring more and more customers. Among all current and unique approaches, the approach which is the most effective for Black Friday preparations is PIPR strategy.

PIPR Strategy

The PIPR strategy model is the abbreviation of four independent factors known as Plan, Influence, Peak, and Repeat. A PIPR strategy model is a straight-forward approach that can be useful to the fundamentals of a project or a team and also in the context of Black Friday. Let’s have a look at each factor in the strategy exclusively:


This very first strategy of this model includes the most essential approach which is; the planning, preparation & development, and publicize the content of Black Friday to each and every one.

Game Plan for Black Friday 2017

The first step for Black Friday success is an attractive landing page with high-quality, optimized content. Not only for the occasion of Black Friday, but it also helps your page achieve top rankings for the whole year by just enhancing the Black Friday page.


In this part of the strategy model, you’ll know how significant research is to find all the real traffic and potential customer as it can definitely increase the influence of your brand in the market.

Outline for Black Friday

Lead to the advanced research and make a proper plan to find customers while on the contrary, the consumers’ researchers are two important operational distinctions for any business. For the matter of Black Friday, the customer research would be a rewarding benefit. For more of the online stores, the customer purchase before Black Friday is essential because it can create a chance of re-targeting the services provided to customers.


From mid of the October month to December – it is always counted as the time when e-shopping is at its peak, and it is considered as the most significant shopping season of the year. So, the most effective strategy is required for that period of time.

Great Strategy for Black Friday

To get maximum advantage from Black Friday sale, your brand must be good enough with the customers before this event so that you have your passionate potential customers at the time of the event.


A well optimized and fully updated landing page is a kind of strategy that can give you a sight of Black Friday throughout the year.

Black Friday Line of Attack

Apart from all the marketing efforts, the best repetition is the development of your on-page content regularly or frequently so that you can create your influence and trustworthiness well before next years’ time of peak purchase.


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