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an innovative lush

A Surprise From Lush


Customers’ shopping experience is enhanced by making the custom packaging for solid bath oil balls used for Lush. These packaging options are being provided by the James Cropper 3D products and Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. These packaging boxes are made by the use of Colourform which is a very viable option available and competes with the plastic boxes and other packaging mediums. These boxes are very ecological as they are 100% recyclable.

All the way from the course of their design to their manufacture, Lush was very successful in drawing upon James Cropper’s experience of almost 170 years in the expertise in fiber products and also the colored papers. This concerted tactic guaranteed that the creation meets the aesthetic needs for overcoming the potential challenges, e.g., the ability of the material used to withstand the wet and moisture causing products.


This packaging is in the form of a square in the form of a hinged-clamshell box which is divided into four segments which allow the customers to mix and pick Lush’s bath oil within the store and then carry them home. This facilitates them as in their homes then customers can reuse those boxes multiple times or at least until their next visit to the Lush store. This packaging is entirely recyclable with the paper used for household, and it is completely biodegradable naturally.

Kirstie Maclean, R&D/Brand Production team member of Lush, says that it is challenging for the project to elevate the standard of customer experience when they do their shopping at the bath oil category along with sincere and honest considerations about the single-use materials and the functionality of the design. James Cropper used to be the ideal and most preferred choice as this British mill was enthusiastic to embark on the projects of developments and push innovation. This relationship has been very helpful and built up. The reusable packaging was first introduced online in September 2017 and in the same phase to major U.K. stores with a global rollout following.


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